"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


6. Chapter 4

Louis' POV

My eyes widen at his words.

"Wh-what? Harry, are you-"

"Yes. I am absolutely insane. But, I'm insanely in love with you Louis."

"..Harry, you-you can't. I-I don't..No."

"You don't know what?" I shake my head.

"No, I mean no. No, we can't do this. I- Zayn and- and we- no."

He looks at me, sadly. His eyes well up with tears, as he pouts slightly. "Y-you don't really hate me, right..?" His voice cracks. My eyes widen at the thought. "No! Harry, god no. I just want to give me and Zayn, a try is all. I don't want to jump back into a relationship with you like that."

"So, instead you jump into one with him?"


"Harry, don't do that." He shakes his head and his fist balls up.

"No! It's not fair! You don't get to do that. You can't just give up on us so easily. We've been fighting all this time!"

"No, you've been fighting all this time. I've done nothing, I didn't want to be with you anymore! You wanted her!"

It wasn't long before I felt the familiar sting of pain on my cheek. I stumble backward leaning onto the counter. My eyes well up with tears, as I sink down to the ground. Harry looks at me softly and he kneels down to me. "Louis, I'm so so-"

"Save it. I'm tired of this. Of your traps and your stupid, stupid games. I'm done!" He reaches out but I slap his hand away. "Don't touch me, you bastard! Get out!" He slowly walks out the kitchen and toward the front door. "Lou, I-"

"Just. Get. Out, Harry." He slowly walks out and I close the door. I lean on the door as my sobs pour out.

"Zayn.." I run upstairs and look for my phone, frantically. "Where is it!?" I sob out. I find it under my blanket and quickly call Zayn.


"Z-Zayn.." My voice trembles, trying to hold back the sobs.

"What's wrong, Louis?" I break down into sobs and sit on the bed."Lou..?"

"H-He hit me.. Zayn.." The line goes dead. I sniffle and call him back. Voicemail.. I try again, and again. Nothing. I huff and walk into my bathroom. My cheek is a little inflamed, and red. Damn him..  I look in the drawer for some ointment.


My hand grazes against the razor.. I pick it up and throw it in the rubbish.  I can’t hurt Zayn anymore, he can’t handle it.. I can’t find any cream or summat so, I go lie down. After a couple minutes, I’m half asleep. But, the doorbell rung. So, fucking loudly.. I run downstairs and open the door, to see Zayn. He instantly embraces me. I melt into his arms, feeling wanted. Needed. We let go and walk inside, not a word is spoken.

He leads me upstairs and sits me on the bed.


He then goes into to bathroom. Looking for something to treat the cut I presume.

“I already looked. I couldn’t find anythi-”

“Found it.” He walks out with the Neosporin. He gently applies it to my face, so focused. His brows furrow in concentration, and most likely anger.

“Did you drive angry..?” It’s always a sight to see, Zayn angry. He’s such an angel, it’s a bit frightening when he’s like this. He says nothing, continuing applying the ointment.

He finishes and sets on on the nightstand. “Zayn.” I look at him, he has tears brimming from his eyes.


“How could he do this to you.. You’re so beautiful and he just..” He lets out a mirthless chuckle before sitting next to me. I motion for him to move up and he does. He then leans back on the headboard, pulling me onto him. I lay on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

“Your heart is racing..” I look up at him as he looks down at me. We both lean slightly closer, both our hearts beating out loud.

“Lou?” He whispers.

“Hm..?”  I hum still locked on his eyes. He looks down at my lips, licking his own.

“I really wanna kiss you, right now..” He breathes out shakily, our noses now touching.

“Th-then, why don’t you.” He huffs and leans back on the headboard.

“Because you’re not ready. Neither am I...” I sit up and fold my legs.

“What are you on about, Zayn?”

He sighs heavily and looks at me, adoringly. Have I mentioned, I love it when he looks at me like that..?


“You still love Harry. And-and even though I absolutely loathe him at the moment, you need to get over him.”

“So? I’ll get over him.” I say trying to convince Zayn and myself. I sigh and shake my head. “Nevermind. You’re right..”

He caresses my cheek. “You don’t know how much I want it. Honestly, Loubear.”

I simply nod and lie back down on his chest.

“I’m really sleepy..” He chuckles softly and pets my head.

“Then, go to sleep.”

I smile and slowly fall asleep.


“Right now I'm emotional. I lose control, when I'm with you. I hope I haven't said too much.. Guess I always push my luck when I'm with you.”

I look up at Zayn, sleepily.

“Zayn, are you singing..?” My sight still blurs but my ears work great.

“Um.. you started to stir around a bit. So, I kind of started to sing you back to sleep. Were you having a bad dream?” I shake my head, looking down and tracing bizarre shapes on his stomach. “I don’t remember..” He nods and hums the previous song. “Wh-what song is that?” He shrugs slightly, “A song I wrote. About last month.”

“...C-could you sing it t-to me?” He nods and I lie my head back down.


“We're so late nights..Red eyes, amnesia, on ice. Late nights, red eyes.. Amnesia, I need ya. Right now I can't see straight. Intoxicated it's true when I'm with you. I'm buzzing and I feel laced. I'm coming from a different phase when I'm with you. Another way now, like we're supposed to do.. Take you to the back now, I'd take a shot for you. Wasted every night, gone for every song.. Faded every night, dancing all night long.Drunk all Summer, drunk all Summer.. We've been drunk all Summer. Drinking and flowing and rolling.. We're falling down. We're so late nights. Red eyes, amnesia, I need ya. Right now I'm emotional. I lose control when I'm with you.. I hope I haven't said too much. Guess I always push my luck when I'm with you. Another way now, like we're supposed to do. Take you to the back now, I'd take a shot for you. Drinking and flowing and rolling. We're falling down. We're so late nights. Red eyes, amnesia, on ice. Late nights, red eyes. Amnesia, I need ya. Drunk..”


I let out a shaky breath and sit up to look at him. “Zayn..Is-is that about I-uh.. me?” He slowly nods and brushes a hair out of my face.

“B-but why?”

He shakes his head and chuckles slightly. “It was during the whole you and Harry situation..” I scoff and move away from him. I instantly regret it feeling the absence of his warmth.

“So..You only writes songs about me when you can't have me..?”

“No! Louis, not like that. It was about my feelings for you. When we were best friends.”

“...Were?” He sighs and holds my cheek but I move away.

"That's not what I meant were distant sometimes. But, I had to hide my feelings."


"Because I couldn't have you! You weren't mine! I thought that what I was feeling was wrong.. That I wasn't supposed to want my best friend in such a way.."

"Zayn, I-I'm sorry. I didn't know."


Silence falls for a couple minutes. He gathers himself and sits up.  "It's fine.. Don't worry about it." He gets off the bed and pulls on his shoes. "Wh-where are you going, Zayn?" "Home." He sighs and walks out the room. 

I quickly get up and run out the room. I bump into Zayn and we both fall to the floor. I lay atop of him as my face gets red. "S-sorry.." He huffs and glares at me. 


"Please, don't leave me." His chest vibrates as he chuckles deeply.

"I'm not leaving you, Lou. But I do, have to go home.." 

"Oh.." I slowly move off of him and sit on the floor. He gets up and brushes himself off.

"I'll be back tomorrow LouBear." He leans down and kisses my head. "I promise."

He walks downstairs and I hear the door open then shut. 

"God, I hope he'll be back... I need you Zayn."


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