"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


3. Chapter 2

We arrive at my house as a peaceful silence falls. Zayn helps me haul the bags into the house and put everything away. I fix up a peanut butter & jam sandwich and sit on the sofa. My phone buzzes in my pocket causing me to slightly jump. I excuse myself from Zayn and walk into the back room. I answer the call and gasp as the caller speaks. 

It was her.. "Listen, you little twat. You're going to leave my Harry alone you understand? He's mine. I don't need some ugly ass skeleton taking him. He doesn't like you anyways, he told me he only wanted you for sex." Tears stream down my face as she speaks. I keep quiet not wanting to upset her more.  "I don't know why. Anyways, he won't be calling you anymore so you can fuck off. Goodbye, you little minger." The line goes dead. I run up the stairs and into my room, slamming the door.


I hear Zayn's footsteps and concerned voice accelerate and soon he's at my door. "Louis, what happened, are you okay?" I speak barely through my sobs.

"Zayn. Just leave, please.." I hear his faint gasp and he starts to bang on the door. I walk into my bedroom bathroom, rummaging through my drawers. "Where did I leave my razor, damnit.."  Zayn's banging gets harder and louder. I finally find the razor in the cabinet.

I quickly pull off my jumper and open the razor. I slide it over my wrist feeling the familiar sting and tingles. Blood drips onto my sweatpants and onto the floor.

"LOUIS! OPEN THIS GODDAMN DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR I'M GOING TO BUST IT OPEN!!"  A couple more and I'll hopefully hit a vein. I cut once more before the door slams open, and Zayn runs into the bathroom. Tears fall down his face and his eyes grow larger.  

"Louis wh-what happened..?" I sniffle as he rushes over to me.

"She...She-" I can't get my words out since I'm choking on my sobs.

"Harry's girlfriend?" I simply nod as he brings my wrist to the sink. He turns on the faucet and runs cold water over the cuts. I feel his eyes on me burning holes in my skin. His piercing eyes were always one thing I loved about him. "Louis you need to stop this."

He sighs and rushes to grab bandages from the drawer. He gently wraps my wrist, then gives me a faint smile. I sniffle once again as he guides me to the bed.

"Would you feel better if I stayed the night?" I nod slowly as he lies me on the bed. "I'm gonna get you some water. I'll be right back, love."

He leaves the room and I sigh. He's always there to save me. He helps me even though he doesn't need to. My eyes broaden as I go over his words in my head. "He called me love.." I whisper to no one in particular. I shake my head and sigh. I'm being ridiculous it meant nothing.

He walks back in with a glass of water in his hand and his sketchpad in the other. He sets the glass on the nightstand and sets the pad on the bed. I reach and grab it while he turns his back to do summat with the telly. I flip through his sketches. Finished ones and unfinished ones. One catches my eye the most though. It's a sketch of me. Then one of us, then another of us... "Zayn... What is all this..?"  I ask as I continue flipping through the artworks. 





He quickly takes the pad from my hands."I-I.. I just." He huffs and slumps into the bed. "You're my inspiration."

"But- but the pictures of us.." He nods and glares at the pages. I sigh and lean onto the headboard. "Zayn..why?"

He shakes his head tears falling onto the page. "I could never say anything since you were with Harry. But when you broke up I didn't wanna be insensitive so I waited. Yet, I never told you. I was too cowardly and afraid you'd reject me." I smile slightly at the thought. Me and Zayn... My eyes fall to the pages once more. 

"Louis I.. I'm in love with you."  


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