The Truth (Poetry Competition Entry )

Poetry Competition Entry


1. The Truth

Once in our house my father told

Me of the truth of everything  

He knows a lot because he's old

And predicts what the time will bring 


He whispers as he tells the truth 

And tells me not to tell my friend.

He tells me not to say a word 

Until all of this chaos end. 


Don't even write it down, he says, 

For they might be reading your notes

Hide these secrets under your skin 

And wrap your body with warm coats. 


You see, I never minded it

I kept the secret as a child 

I never thought that growing up

Would ever turn me quite so wild


I kept the secret, I still do 

But right now it just feels so wrong 

To keep the truth hidden with me, 

I've kept it hidden for so long 


the point was keeping me all safe  

The point was keeping me alive. 

But there're much important things 

I didn't know when I was five.


Sometimes I feel like shouting out 

Like telling the world what I know,

But I hear the voice of father 

and his image vividly glows. 


I remember his wise words 

How he just wanted my protection 

That's all he wanted of me 

So I cannot make an objection 


I keep the secret still and still 

I hold my tongue and be quite brave

I should be that obeying kid 

And I should never misbehave 









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