Trainee - Bts fanfic

Josephine is training to be a dancer.
One day while dancing, she falls and gets hurt, and suddenly a tall mysterious boy helps her up.
Who is he? What happens?

( requested fanfic )


10. Josephines POV

I still couldn't believe how embarrassing it was, why did i tell him the truth, i should've just lied and said i didn't feel well and had to go home. but on the other hand, Namjoon would've seen right through me, i'm a terrible liar.

"Jose?" Jin yelled again.

"oh, uhm.. j-just some pads.. and uhm.. could you buy some painkillers too?" I mumble out, wondering if he can even hear me.

"sure, uhm Jose, should i bring namjoon here so you two can talk and keep you distracted untill i get back?" he was being so sweet.

"I'll gladly talk to you and keep you distracted, if you.. know what i mean" he said and broke out in laughter

I could hear Jin throwing something at him and say "Namjoon you fuck, stop yourself" and laugh.

jhope suddenly started laughing and i heard some weird jumping noises come from the living room.

"guys guys, what is goi-ow.... going on out there" my cramps started worsening but i tried to sound normal.

"oh yeah, sorry, ill hurry.. bye"

Someone, i assumed it was Jin, ran and i was left alone, though i was already alone, he was just standing outside the door.


some time passed as Namjoon came to talk to me, we talked about all kinds of weird stuff, and before i knew it, Jin was back.

"uhm-" i hears namjoon say before jin said "uh, i got confused about how many i should buy, so just bought uhm.. yeah you'll see anyways." he said i went to the door to open it and take them.

i tried to hide my body behind the door and only stick my head out. when i opened the door i saw jin holding a bag filled with, what looked like different brands of pads.

"oh, i also didn't really know what brand and all you prefer.. " he said, he blushed slightly and i noticed that his hair looked messy, almost like as if he had ran.

"thank you" i said shyly and took the bag. 

"i'll put the painkillers in the kitchen, do you need to change into something more comfortable?"

It would be really embarrassing to admit to him that i bled through my favorite underwear and pants, but i really needed to get out of these clothes.

"uhm well yeah.. i-i kinda bled through a little bit.. so uhm, could i borrow, ah  know this is weird but, i need new underwear and pants.."

"uh-" jimin suddenly interrupted and said " my girlfriend sometimes stays here for a week or two, so she has some underwear and stuff in my closet.. maybe she you could borrow some?"

"wouldn't she get mad at you for that?" i asked.

"maybe, but i won't tell her then, you need some right now and that's the best thng we can do"


Jimin got up and went to his room to find a pair of underwear.

"here-" he handed it to me, and i finally clsed the door so i could change clothes.


as i had put on the new underwear and a pad, i realized i didn't have any pants.

"uhm, Jin?"

"yeah?" he yelled back

"can i still don't have any pants.."

he didnt answer,  and i sounded like he ran away, and i just sat there wondering if he did.

he then came back and knocked on the door, i went to open and he, with his eyes closed, handed me a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

"here, its probably a bit too big, but it'll do, right?" he said while still closing his eyes.

"thank you" i said and took the clothes and closed the door.

the clothes was bit big, as he said, but i didnt mind at all.

I walked out and jin stared at me.

"w-what" i looked down at myself " Am i that ugly in your clothes?"

"No,No, not at all, it just looks way too big on you, maybe you could borrow- ehm what was her name again Jimin?"

"Yoonji" he said.

"maybe you could borrow some of yoonjis clothes?


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