Trainee - Bts fanfic

Josephine is training to be a dancer.
One day while dancing, she falls and gets hurt, and suddenly a tall mysterious boy helps her up.
Who is he? What happens?

( requested fanfic )


2. Josephines POV.

We arrived at the nurses office and sat in the waiting room and the nurse came to ask what we were here for.

" she hurt her leg while dancing" he said before I could even open my mouth.

She then proceeded to examine my leg

"Does this hurt?" She said while bending and stretching my knee.

"A bit"

"Hmm. It doesn't seem like anything big to me, it must just have been the impact"

"So I can still dance?" I asked, worried that I would have to take a break from dancing.

"You should rest until it stops hurting" she said

"Okay, but how long is that?"

" I don't know, you'll have to find out"

I looked at the guy who took me here and said " well, we have to go now "

"We? are we friends now?" He said, smiling.

"We- I didn't mean it like that, uhm-"

" it's okay, but yeah, we have to go" he interrupted.

As we left the nurses office I got a text.

"Hey, where are you? You said you'd be here 10 min ago? ㅠㅠ' are you gonna come?"

"Omg i'm so sorry (o_o) I fell while practicing and this ( really handsome ) guy took me to the nurses office, can I keep him? jk.. but is it okay if he comes too?"

".. god Josephine.. but sure, if he's hot ^^ "

" haha, we'll be in our way now!!"

"Uhm.." I said as I remembered that I haven't got his name yet " what's your name btw?"

"Omo! How rude of me! I haven't introduced myself yet! " he said as he stopped infront of me " Annyeong, I am Jin, short for seokjin" he said, bowing and smiling.

Jin? Jin! Bts Jin!

" oh, Jin?? Uh-uhm i'm Jo, short for Josephine!" I said while awkwardly bowing and almost losing my balance.

He laughed and shook my hand

"Nice to meet you Jo"

I blushed and said" btw Jin, do you wanna come with me and my friend to grab some lunch?

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