Trainee - Bts fanfic

Josephine is training to be a dancer.
One day while dancing, she falls and gets hurt, and suddenly a tall mysterious boy helps her up.
Who is he? What happens?

( requested fanfic )


7. Josephine POV

I walked in behind jin and stood there until jin turned around and took my jacket.

"Sorry about that Jo, I told Namjoon Not to let them drink before I got back..."

"It's not that bad Jin, he only got some wine... and maybe some other stuff too. But he's fine "Namjoon said as he pointed to Taehyung who was sitting in the floor playing with a pair of shoes, as if they were planes.

"I-.. okay, fine he's an adult anyways." Jin sighed and went into the kitchen and signed for me to follow, and I did.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"No thank you, Not right now." I said and sat down on a chair.

"Okay that's fine" he said " should I show you around?" He poured something to drink for himself and looked at me.

"Oh, yeah sure"

He walked out of the room and waited outside for me to join.

"In here-" he said as he continued to walk into another room" is the living room, pretty much the only room i'm in, after the kitchen"

The room was big and looked clean although where was a couple of glasses on the table next to the sofa.

"And in here-" he said and walked through another room " is my room, it's not clean but yeah, I didn't expect guests.. sorry about that"

"It's fine, my room isn't exactly clean either " I said and laughed.

He smiled and walked out to what seemed to be the bathroom.

" this is the toilet" he said and pointed.

" that's the end of the tour " he said and laughed. "Should we go into the living room and sit with the others?"

"Sure" I replied.

In the living room Taehyung, Namjoon and another guy was sitting on the sofa playing something on the PlayStation.

"Oh hi, i'm Hobi, or hoseok" the guy said with a big smile as he saw me.

" hi, i'm Jose " I said couldn't stop smiling.

Jin sat down next to hoseok and signaled for me to sit next to him.

I could feel that I had to pee but didn't think further about as another guy came in the front door.

"Hii, sorry i'm late" he yelled as he took off his shoes and went into the room.

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