Trainee - Bts fanfic

Josephine is training to be a dancer.
One day while dancing, she falls and gets hurt, and suddenly a tall mysterious boy helps her up.
Who is he? What happens?

( requested fanfic )


5. Jin's POV.

We left the restaurant and for some reason I felt like Josephine's friend didn't really like me.

"Hey" I said while we were walking down the street"do you think your friend likes me?"

"Huh? Why are you asking?"

" she just seemed cold and.. yeah she seemed like she didn't"

"Don't worry, she's always like that" she said and took my hand.

I was shocked but didn't pull away.

She looked at me and said " I really don't want to go home.. it's only 4pm.."

"Oh, well my friends are having a party later! You know Namjoon already I assume? Well it's him and 5 others.. I can ask if you can join if you want?"

"Oh, sure! That would be fun!" She almost yelled.

I took my phone out and called Hoseok but He didn't pick up.

"Oh well, it'll probably be fine with them if you come too"

"When is it?"

"It's in around half an hour, should we just go now?"

"Sure" she said and took my hand again.

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