Trainee - Bts fanfic

Josephine is training to be a dancer.
One day while dancing, she falls and gets hurt, and suddenly a tall mysterious boy helps her up.
Who is he? What happens?

( requested fanfic )


3. Jins pov.

"Btw jin, do you wanna come with me and my friend to grab some lunch?" She asked, with a weird sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh, uh yea, sure! That sounds fun, when?"

"Uhm, now? If that's Not a problem, I was supposed to meet with her about 10 minutes ago.." she said while blushing.

" oh, that's fine! I have today off.

I have a question though, is your friend as pretty as you?" I said and instantly regretted it.

She blushed and started giggling "I, uh-"

"I, uh i'm sorry, I didn't uh, yeah, i'm sorry " I said and blushed.

Why do I always say stuff like that when I get nervous?

"No no, it's okay, i'm just, hah, Uhm-" She got interrupted by her phone ringing.

She picked it up and I heard mumbling on the other end.

"I- im on my way, Uhm, we'll have to go now, we'll be there in 5! Bye" She said, hanging up before she had a chance to ask more questions.

"Who was that? Your friend?"

"Yeah, we probably have to hurry if we have to get there in 5" she said and took my hand and dragged me after her.

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