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  • Published: 24 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 24 Nov 2016
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A 18 year old girl will experience her worst birthday in her life. Human trafficking is NOT a fiction, it happens to pretty girls .....like her!


1. 1.

 Debra''Debbie'' Wings is entering her last year at Mountain View High School. She lives in Loveland, Colorado. Debbie is lovely, too. Even more, she was an over the average beautiful girl who do not wastes her time with boyfriends but was focused on her education because she wants to go to college and become a lawyer, like her father.

Debbie Wings was the attention of all, not just boys. She doesn't care that much. From an early age, the young girl realized that beauty is half the thing that completes a human. What is more important is what lies beneath that pretty surface and Debbie was conducted by that philosophy when communicating what people. Her value system makes her a best friend and no wonder she attracts everybody's attention.

Debra Wings has no brothers or sisters. But she has one very best friend since childhood-Patrick. Debbie never believed in the saying that there can be no friendship between a boy and a girl. She and Patrick are the perfect exception to that rule. Debbie can confide anything with him and vice versa. Maybe from the others' perspective they seemed the perfect match, but the reality was different. They are very best friends and they wanted it to continue forever.


                                                                                   . . .


 Miss Wings was almost 18. In fact, her birthday is tomorrow. This year she wasn't that excited as in previous years, simply because she was busy at school and was simultaneously preparing for the law exams. After the school was over for today, Debbie walked straight home, like every other day. But this day, even with opening the door, she felt something is wrong because she can hear some echoes of verbal fight between her mom and dad. With her entering, the two parents turned to see who's coming and looked a bit of surprised.

-What's going on?-asked Debbie.

-Ask your mother! I'm out,honey!-replied Debbie's dad.

-Well?!-waited for answer the young Wings

-I'm sorry to tell you this, dear, but....I and dad are divorcing.

-What? Is this some kind of bad joke?-disbelievingly asked Debbie

-No, we are divorcing

-After almost 20 years, you will split? Didn't all these years matter to you, mom?

Debbie's mother felt upset and soon small tears appeared on her face. She went nearer her daughter, hugged her and told her''I know it is a horrible situation for you but we are not happy anymore!''

Debbie pushed her mother aside:

-Happy? Happy? What about my happiness,mom? I am happy with you,too! I refuse to have two homes, alright! I want mom and dad-that's what makes me happy!

-Oh, honey........

-Great surprise before my birthday, anyway! Thank you, mom, soooo much!-said a angrily the almost 18 year old daughter

-If you leaving me, I am leaving you, too! You will not see me anymore! Bye and have a nice life!

-Debra, no, what are you doing? We didn't wanted to.....

Debbie already left the house she lived year after year in. So many great memories in a house she no linger wants to enter in. Miss Wings was totally upset. In such important year of her life and just a day before her birthday, the young lady received the ultimate bad news for her parents no child dreams to hear-a divorce.

DIVORCE.... DIVORCE......DIVORCE.......That word stuck in her head like a tattoo while she was walking to her best friend's house. She knew that only Patrick can help her in tough times.


                                                                                    . . .


  Debbie told Patrick everything. In his room, she sobbed and explained, explained and sobbed. Then Patrick suggested to go out in fresh air for she to clear her mind. They together went to Benson Park. It was sunny and calm, not even a slight wind. But in Debbie Wings' soul a storm was raging. Sadness,too.

The two friends sat on a bench. Debbie sighed numbly.

-Can you believe it, Patrick, after so many years, they are divorcing!

-It hurts, I am sure!-try to comfort her the boyfriends

-I don't know one thing-how come I haven't noticed mom and dad have problems?

-You have zero fault, Deb, you know it!

-I am sure my mother has a lover, dad wouldn't break the family that easily, I am sure, oh.....

Debbie started crying again. Her body and her mind cannot accept the fact that her parents will live separately. She felt like being trapped in a black hole without fault but why she felt guilty even though she had no guilt. Patrick hugged her, mechanically starting rubbing her back up and down. But he felt helpless in that situation. His smart phone was in his pocket and because of the pressure, it started playing a song:


''Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love
Sometimes two homes are better than one
Some things you can't tell your sister cause she's still too young
Yeah you'll understand
When you love someone''


-Sorry about that!-excused the boy to Miss Wings

-No, let it play....what a perfect song for my situation, right? Ironic! Who's that anyway?

-A guy from England, James TW. The song's name is ''When you love someone''

-Yeah, L.O.V.E.-said Debra-I am not sure what this word means anymore! I don't know if still my parents love me!

-I don't want to hear such words! You know you are their most precious girl in the world! I love you, too, Deb, you are not alone, you know it.

-Thanks! What I would do without my best friend?

-Hey, enough sadness for today!-said Patrick to her female friend-I have a great idea for tomorrow!

-I am not in the mood to celebrate anything, at least my stupid birthday!

-No, no,no, I am sue you'd love this-how about going among nature with tents and everything, like sort of a camp, I'll buy the sweets!

It was interesting idea. It would definitely be a different birthday for Debbie Wings, not only because of the news of divorce.

-You won me, Patrick! I don't wish to be at home tomorrow anyway! Yes, we will go-somewhere in the outskirts of town, ok?

-Perfect!-said happily Patrick-And I may bring someone with us.

-Who?-asked Miss Wings

-A guy I befriended a while ago, he is from the Russian community in Loveland. He's cool, don't worry! He's name is Alexei

-New friend and you didn't tell me, Patrick?

-I would, today, but you came home with the news and....

-It's OK! I know I've wasted your precious time but I needed someone I can really trust!

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