You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


8. What just happened?

Did that just happened? Did that actually just happened? She actually just said that. I asked her out and she thought it was a joke!? Why did… what? 
“Umm, what did you just say?” I ask
“I said that you’re really good at telling jokes that’s all” she says still laughing. I guess I better go along with even if it ruins me.
“Yeah I thought that would make you laugh” I say pulling another fake smile but this time it’s passable at least I think it is.
“I know you’re so good!”
"Yea, my mum said I'm pretty funny ahahaha..." I sutter.
"Well she's definetly right about that" Sarah says while bursting into laughter. 
"MISS MAYS!!" says a booming voice. 
We nearly fall off our chairs in shock. It's the librarian again but this time her face is so full of rage it looks like it's gonna explode. 
"I HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU NUMEROUS TIMES TO NOT MAKE LOUD NOISES IN THE LIBRARY!!!" she yells while also being a hypocrite as she's making loud noices as well, but whatever.
"I'm sorry but...hahahahaha!!!" Sarah just can't keep it in she's laughing like crazy, honestly it's not that funny.
The libraian gives Sarah a slip and she starts to leave but before she does she comes up to me and whispers.
"Worth it"
Sarah leaves to the office, okay she's gone now and goddamnit I asked her out and she thought it was a frikin joke!!? I don't understand how can? How can she? Stop, stop Chris I should talk to Michael he might know what to do. I snap out of my shock and sadness (well I try to anyway). I get out of the library and head to class. 
A couple hours later
I meet Michael after school at the bus stop and he looks excited.
"So how'd it go?" he smirks. 
I mean should I tell him the truth because I don't think I can after what just happened, but he's my friend so I guess it's the right thing to do. 
"dude uhhh, She thought that me asking her out was a joke and she reffured to me as a...friend" I stammer nervously.
Michael's eyes widen and his jaw drops, I look down in embarrasment. I hear a slight giggle so I look up at Michael and then he just burts out with laughter.
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...BRO YOU'VE BEEN FRIENDZONED!!!!" he screams while laughing alot. 
I feel like slapping him but I would laugh at my friend if that happened to... oh what the hell, I raise my arm and slap his face really hard. He stumbles back and grunts, he regains balance and stands back up rubbing his face while he does. A huge red hand print is visible on his right side.
"Yea I deserve that" Michael says softly.
"Look man what am I gonna do?" I ask.
"Well I would say give up"
"How? I can't stop liking her, she's so beautiful" I say dreamily 
"Again you sound like a pervert Chris" 
"I don't care, she just is" 
"Look, Chris. I'm a guy who likes chicks ok, But all this trouble for one is weird bro" Michael says.
He's got a point there, I am being a bit obsessive but still she's just so... well I think you know already. So I pretend I'm desperate so hopefully Michael changes his mind. I grab his shirt and start to shake him.
"Come on, Michael I don't care please you need to help me!" I say to him as I shake him. Michael looks like he is going to vomit, he's trying to say something to me but I can't focus so I put him down.
"I *cough* was trying to *cough* say fine I will but it's your funeral" he says surprisingly calm.
"Okay thanks man" I respond.
"Look I need to head home so I'll give you my number and skype so we can chat later ok?" 
"yeah sure" 
I start to walk off but Michael whacks me with his binder, I fall over and rub my back. 
"Oh yea that's for shaking me" He smirks.
Typical Michael. My mum drives up in her porche which she won in a PTA raffle most of the PTA thought she cheated, well yeah she did but hey it's a nice car. 
"Hey Chris did you have a good day?" She says in a cheery voice.
I get in the car and pull a fake smile (this time I'm not sure how bad it is).
"Uhhh, pretty good mom" I say
"Christopher that's the fakest smile I've ever seen, be honest sweetie"
Damn well I can't tell her what happened today so I pull a good ol' white lie.
"Okay it was boring and uninteresting" I say
"Oh, why's that?"
"We had to read macbeth which I've read I dunno, a hundred times" I say dramatically.
"Yea you told me you have, was it a good read?"
"I don't care, but yeah i was pretty good"
"Oh, well did you make any friends?"
"I did actually, his name is Michael and he's very nice" I say lying about the nice part (okay well he is but still all that smirking and such, anyway back to reality).
"That's great Christopher you made a friend on the first day, that's amazing for a freshman"
"Yea I know"
"Well you can tell him that he can come over anytime if you guys want to uhhh what's the expression?"
"Hang out" I say which to be honest no one uses that term anymore.
"That's right, you can tell him that you two can hangout whenever"
"Thanks mom, I appreciate it"
"No worries, anything for you" 
Well I'd say that it has been a very interesting first day as a freshman.


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