You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


4. People 101

“Well here we are the best or worst place you will be in for the rest of your teenage life, depending on your style of things that is” Michael says putting his arm around my shoulder. We walk to the doors of the bus, Steve glares at us with his bruised eye and bleeding nose. He mutters something but I can’t be bothered caring about what he says. We step out of the bus and in front of me is a huge white and blue building that looks more like a fort than a high school.
“Welcome to North Shore High!” Michael exclaims as he throws his hand in the air.
“It looks more like a freaking fort” I respond.
“Come on I’ll take you on a lesson”
“What lesson?”
“Let’s call it people 101”
 He takes me to a large space with loads of students, some talking in groups and some just sitting alone. He points out a group of jocks.
“First, those are the brain dead jocks…” Michael explains.
“Like Steve?” I ask.
“Yea in fact Steve is the smartest out of all of them”
“Get out” I say disbelieving him.
“Hard to believe isn’t it” He answers.
I look over and see that one is reading a book upside down, another one is mashing his keyboard trying to type and another one is blowing into a football trying to blow it up, it’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen. He takes me to a bunch of people making out and kissing really hard.
“These are your obsessive lovers, never off each other, they never even stop to breathe as they have perfected nose breathing” Michael explains.
“You’re joking” 
“Nope they really have”
 One lover sneezes mucus all over his girlfriend’s face, but she ignores it and continues to kiss and hug. It makes me sick, my face starts to bloat.
“Quite a sight huh” Michael says with a smirk. 
I swallow my vomit and get back to Michael. He takes me to a bunch of people drawing pictures of scenery.
“These guys are major art freaks, they never stop drawing until the bell” he whispers.
“Okay, but why are we whispering?” I whisper back.
“Cause they hate disturbances, one sound and they will flip”
We walk past quietly, one member’s pencil snaps his face turns into fear and shock, he got on his knees.
“Why! Why does this happen to me all the time, every single day snap! Snap! Snap! WHYYYYYYYY!!” He screams.
His friends gather around him and hug him for support. He cries and screams his voice out.
“Drama seekers, huh” Michael mocks.
Michael takes me to seven skinny girls with pink clothing and blonde wavy hair. Michael hides behind a nearby bush, I don’t know why he would do that but I hide with him anyway.
“These are the Regina’s”
“Regina’s?” I ask.
“You ever seen Mean Girls?”
I have, Mean Girls is an outstanding movie about high school girls and how they treat each other. Don’t watch the sequel though.
“Yea I’ve seen it” I answer
“Well, get seven Regina George’s and put them in the same group”
“Yeesh” I exclaim.
“Yep yeesh indeed” he says in a scared expression.
The “Regina’s” are talking about how ugly different boys are that walk near or past them. One girl thinks she can see us and goes to investigate. We escape before they could find us. Michael takes me to the other side of the courtyard where I could see some… really hot girl walking past me. I stop dead in my tracks and blush like mad. She’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Her silky brown tied up hair, her pink lips that really stand out, cute button nose, rosy cheeks and her eyes, don’t get me started on her eyes. Blue, sky blue to be exact the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t get my eyes off her even if she’s on the other side of the school, but there’s this noise calling out that is really distracting. 
“Chris, Chris!” Michael yells.
I snap back to reality.
“What, WHAT!!?” I yell.
“Oh thank god, I thought you were having a stroke” Michael relieves.
“Well I didn’t” I say defending myself.
“You were looking at Sarah Mays weren’t you?” he asked.
“What! No, no I didn’t… wasn’t na not at all” I stammer.
“Dude forget it, she’s too good for you man”
“But she’s so beautiful” I say dreamily.
“Hey stop that, you sound like a pervert”
“Fine I’ll stop” I reply disappointed.
After that “incident” the bell rings and Michael points out the direction to my class and runs off. I hope I get to see that girl again. I would pray if I have to.


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