You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


3. Bus Trip

“Are your shoes shiny?”
“Do you have all your books and pencils?” 
“Mom if you keep asking me I’m gonna be late”
“Right, right sorry it’s just, well you know”
“Hey don’t worry about me mom year 10’s gonna be a cake walk”
I walk out of the door and straight to the bus stop on the other side of the street the bus comes the exact time I sit down.
“I love you sweetie!!” mom yelled.
I freeze, damn it mom you don’t say that to a 15 year old on a bus with lots of people. I wave back and the bus leaves. In the bus everybody is staring at me, a bunch of Jocks laughed, a group of girls giggle and some people look sorry for me. I sit down in the corner of the bus away from everybody else.
“You stupid momma’s boy!” a blonde jock called out. I don’t respond.
“I’m talking to you what? Are you deaf?!” The jock stands up and stands directly in front of me. I gulp and hope that it will be quick.
“Hey, he’s a new kid man, leave him out of this” says a guy standing up to face him. “Why don’t you go back and talk to your maniacs you call friends”
“You need to get out of the way right now, you stupid f…”
He punches him hard in the face and the jock falls down hitting his head. His friends pretend nothing had happened. The guy shakes his wrist in pain and sits down calmly.
“Well, that takes care of that” he said with a smirk.
“You just punched him once and he fell straight down” I stutter still in shock witnessing what just happened. 
“Look who cares ‘bout him, I’m Michael Patricks, charming, A grade tough guy and possible lady magnet” he holds out his hand in a shacking position. I shake his hand.
“Christopher Palmer… Average, Decent, know it all guy and possible punching bag.” I joke.
“Nice one” he replies with a chuckle. “Yea don’t mind Steve, his muscles outgrow his brain, if his parents weren’t rich, he would be still at pre-school learning how to spell orange” he scoffs.
Michael seems like a great person, I would never have thought a person would help me out of the first day. Especially a guy with a lot of confidence and pleasantness. 
“So new guy, why’d you come to Connecticut?” Michael asked.
“My mom and I got sick of Rhode Island and I hated the school there, the sports teams where full of dim witted jocks and everything else was just boring” I respond.
“Well it’s no different here but the people are nicer. You said mom and I, what about your dad?”
I get a pain in my chest, I don’t like it when my dad is mentioned as he died when I was four years old. I start to form tears and stutter the truth.
“My…Dad he uhhh, died fighting in Afghanistan when I was four I didn’t know until I was six”
My tears become visible and Michael puts his hand on my shoulder gently patting it. 
“Sorry man, I shouldn’t have asked”
“Nah, it’s okay” I say wiping my tears, “that was a long time ago”
“That’s very brave, I think we could be good allies to stop punks like Steve from pushing people around”
Wow, he just said we could be good friend’s well allies but that’s the same thing, that’s actually really exciting.
“Hey, Michael it’s been a pleasure meetin…” 
The bus jumps up and everybody jumps with it. I hit my head on the roof. Michael just laughs as he hits his head as well. A group of girls fall onto each other and Steve and his gang nearly break the windows after crashing into them. The bus finally goes down with a big thump. I recover from my head injury and sit back up.
“Woo!! Hey Billy nice driving man, 10 outta 10!!” Michael yells.
The driver gives a thumbs up at Michael.
If this is what the bus trip is like then I don’t know what kinds of craziness I will have in store at this school.


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