A nerd and a popular!


1. Chapter one: shes back!

Christian's p.o.v.

I am so happy she's coming home today. It's been six years since I last saw her. I got a call from my sister and she said she will be there soon. So I went into my room and heard the door open and say, "BROTHERS I'M HOME ". That's when I ran downstairs I hugged her and harry and Edward joined the hug. I looked at her and said," why do you look so nerdy", she looked at me and said:

" one I couldn't see and second you are so not nice no more and where's mom", that's when I took her to a different room and told her that she died four years ago. She looked at me and when I said she died in a fire she ran out the room and out the house.

Sheyla's p.o.v.

When I heard she was dead I ran out the house and went to the abandoned library and sat on the floor. I was thinking and I remembered that I started school tomorrow. So I calmed myself and stood up but I felt someone there." Who's there?". That's when he said," aw.. poor Sheyla she don't remember me". I said," Justin what do you want". That's when he pinned me to a wall," Sheyla can't defend herself anymore or what". That's when I kicked him in the ball's and ran to my house. When I saw Edward I screamed his name but Justin threw me to the floor.

That's when Edward ran towards me and shoved Justin and we both ran home."Thank", he looked at me and he shook his head. He looked at me and told me to get rest so I did.

I woke up and I started getting ready to go to school. When we left I realized it was my third year of high school. So when I got to school, harry was in the same classes with me until Math, when I saw Justin I hid behind harry and said nothing. When we got to class the teacher assigned harry to some guy named Niall and I was assigned next to marek. I could tell he was a popular. I was thinking: this is what happens so welcome back Sheyla I said to myself.


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