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4. Chapter four: say you love me

Sheyla's p.o.v.

"Marek what are you doing," he looked at me and then said,"I told you that I will show you I love you". I tried getting out of the room but marek pinned me to the bed. I was yelling but no one heard but then marek started kissing my neck. I started moaning and I felt marek smile. He started sucking on my neck and then he started to bit my neck.

"Ma...ma...marek plea...please stop", he looked at me eye to eye and said,"not until you say you love me". She looked at me and mouthed no." To bad so sad", then he started to continue.

Marek's p.o.v.

I kept continuing until she said," ok I love you". Then I looked at her then stopped and said,"ok then I'll stop". She looked at me and we both started getting closer and then we both started kissing. I shoved her gently on her bed and I got on top of her. Then all of a sudden Niall came in shoving me off and yelled," SHE'S MINE AND ONLY MINE".

I saw Sheyla starting to cry and yell Niall to stop. She ran over to me and asked if I was ok and I said,"yeah I'm ok". I saw Sheyla and I wiped her tears away. Niall left cause he had no attention to him. Then we started kissing. I looked at Sheyla and I said," will you be my girlfriend", she looked at me and nodded yes.

She got up and she said she will walk around the park. She left closing the front door. I looked at her room and I saw through her notebooks and they had drawings and story's. I looked around more and I found her diary. I read it all and it made me fall in love with her a lot more.

She came back and I told her, "do you love me". She looked at me and said," I will always love you till death do us part.

Genesis's p.o.v.

I heard her clearly and she said till death do us part so it's time to put her out of her misery.


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