Kimchi's Diaries (special): KNK in Zombieland

When you think you saw everything in your life… The end came when I fell asleep watching the movie. When I woke up I found myself in a crazy situation without escape. I thought it was another stupid dream, or prank, but the longer I was there, the more realistic it became… (Story for Asian Fanfiction Competition)


1. Day we died

Do you like zombies? Do you always wanted to be a part of a zombie apocalypse? Well, I liked them and sometimes dreamed of being a part of the apocalypse until all of it came true.

You probably think “He’s going to begin with this and probably tell something better later”, or “He has nothing better to tell”. Okay, maybe now I don’t, but this is… kind of interesting.

And no. I’m not going to change the topic. Why should I suffer alone?


One day I woke up in a different place than usual. I wasn’t in our dorm, or even my family house. When I looked around shocked I was also sure it wasn’t Seoul. Buildings were ruined, as if the greatest earthquake destroyed them, streets were empty and partly ruined too. Some of cars had still engines on.

“Did I get possessed again?” I asked myself.

Similar thing happened when we were still trainees (those, who don’t know what I mean, should check out my third diary Not so much of Ghostbusters. Well, nothing’s better than self-advertisement, right?). Back then I woke up in a different place than I fell asleep in too. But now I didn’t feel anything unusual, as cursed mark, etc.

The only thing left was a dream. Before I pinched my cheek to check it, something hit my back and I fell painfully on my face. Okay. Now it was checked that it wasn’t a dream.

“What the hell –!” I shrieked angered, turning around, then froze. “Hyung!? What… What the hell are you wearing?”

Inseong straightened up and threw the riffle on his back. He was wearing leather’s suit, as the one I saw in some movies about medieval times. The only thing he was missing, to look more ridiculous, was a horse… Were we in the middle of making MV? He looked around too, but with stone face, and grabbed me, pulling behind the nearest wall.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“Me!? What are YOU doing!” Inseong scolded me. “Do you want to die wandering alone like that!?”

“Certainly I don’t want to die and I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Inseong stared at me for a minute, probably thinking whether I joked, or went crazy. Then he sighed and took me deeper into the building’s ruins.

“Right. You perhaps just woke up,” he started to explain. “Do you remember the last thing you did?”

“The last?” For a moment I was lost in thought. “Ah. We had free evening, so I watched a horror with Seungjun-hyung. Then I might have fallen asleep. Why do you ask?”

I thought I saw a grimace on Inseong’s face, but it disappeared in a second, so I wasn’t sure if I didn’t imagine that.

“Do you know what kind of horror it was?” Inseong continued.

“Well…” I stopped, seeing something strange behind him. I frowned and blinked. Man, did I drink something and was seeing things now?

Behind Inseong was a weird looking man – he had burned skin, showed whites of his eyes, his clothes were torn, and half of his body was covered in red, which reminded me of –

I swallowed hard and pointed to the man with trembling hand, saying, “It was something like that.”

Inseong turned around quickly and hit man’s head with the riffle. Then he grabbed my hand tightly and pulled to the empty road.

“What the hell was that!” I shrieked. “The makeup was so real! Are we making a film, or something?”

“You’ve slept quite a long time,” Inseong said. “You’ve missed a lot.”

I looked around and gasped.

Behind us was no longer one man but hundreds of them. They looked exactly like the ones I saw in the horror.

Before I woke up in these ruins, I watched with Seungjun a zombie movie. Horror movies, especially with zombies which I liked, were the only movies on which I don’t fall asleep. The one we watched was called Alone and was really creepy. Although the protagonist was the only living man, who was fighting the zombies, I wasn’t alone. I looked in front of me. I had Inseong with me and was sure the others were somewhere. At least I hoped…

Then I thought about it again. Was it not a dream after all? My body hurt as I was running away and everything seemed so real… Especially Inseong’s tight grip.

“Hyung…” I hissed. “Too tight…”

Inseong loosened the grip but didn’t let go. We turned left, just to meet another hundred of zombies.

“H-How did this happen!?” I panted. Inseong hid me behind him and got ready his weapon. “What happened when I was sleeping?”

“End of the world,” Inseong replied, putting his finger on a trigger. “Seoul vanished and half of the inhabitants died in one night.”

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