Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


7. Chapter 7

Harry got used to the odd looks he got due to the small dragon that was always by his side or curled up on his shoulders and just got on with his days, currently Harry was enjoying his time in the room of requirements playing with Drogo which was the name of his dragon.

As it was now the Christmas holidays Harry knew he would have to be looking for a date to the Yule ball in fact McGonagalls dance lesson which was compulsory for all Gryffindors fourth year and above that we're going to the ball with a sigh Harry called Drogo to his side and began to make his way to the transfiguration classroom where the lessons were being held knowing the other houses were doing the same goodness help the Ravenclaws who would have to dance with Flitwick.

Harry noticed he was the first one to arrive at the classroom even McGonagall had yet to arrive so he just took a seat and closed his eyes as he petted Drogo. When he began to feel everyone else beginning to arrive Harry opened his eyes and McGonagall seeing she had everyone's attention began the lessons not that Harry really needed them but they were compulsory so he had to do them, McGonagall seeing he knew what he was doing let Harry leave much to his delight so he made his way to the snow filled grounds of Hogwarts and to the frozen lake with a smile he created blades of ice on the soles of his shoes and began to skate on the ice elegantly eyes closed as he skated unaware of eyes that followed his every move.

Harry stayed on the ice for a few hours before returning to land he noticed a man watching him one of the Bulgarians Harry looked him over curiously and admitted the man was handsome around six foot, dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders, deep blue eyes, muscular as well. The man walked over to him while he was melting the blades with the help of Drogo of course

"Hello" Harry said in greeting to the Bulgarian

"Hello, my name is Sven Karkaroff" the Bulgarian said his accent not as thick as Viktor's Harry raised an eyebrow

"Harry Potter, any relation to your headmaster?" Harry asked curiously as he held Drogo in his arms the Bulgarian chucked

"He's my father" Sven said and Harry could see the resemblances between the two Harry smiled at the physically elder teen

"Well Master Karkaroff how can I help you?" Harry asked curious as to what the teen could want with him the teen seemed nervous now which admittedly made Harry even more curious

"I vas wondering if I could possibly escort you to the dance?" Sven asked and Harry felt his eyebrows raise

"And what would your father think of this decision?" Harry asked not meanly just wondering Sven smiled

"My father does not care as long as I do not ask a muggleborn that would be seen as a disgrace to him" Sven said Harry looked ponderingly at the teen before nodding

"You may escort me to the dance. You must know however I am not the best dancer" Harry smirked

"It is a good thing I have had many lessons then" Sven said before he took Harry's hand and placed a kiss atop it Harry smiled slightly before he walked away with a small wave goodbye to the Bulgarian teen 

Christmas Eve and the day of the ball dawned bright and early Harry was lounging in the common room watching Ron ask numerous girls to go with him before deciding to upset Hermione Harry snorted to himself as he watched the two blatantly flirting but not knowing it was amusing for Harry to whiteness. Harry wondered around the castle for the majority of the day with a smile on his face he even snuck out at one point to take a soul and visit the Dark Kiss which is the name of the vampire bar in Knockturn Alley.

At around four Harry had a shower before dressing in emerald green robes with silver embroidery that brought out the colour of his eyes, he pulled his hair into a ponytail and pulled on dragon hide boots before making his way to the entrance Hall to wait the arrival of Sven.

Sven arrived just before McGonagall and they entered the Great Hall together it was amusing seeing a tiny teen and a seventh year six foot tall Bulgarian dancing but Harry and Sven thankfully made it work, after the customary first dance Harry decided to sit out but thanked Sven for dancing with him Sven smiled thanking Harry for letting him escort HAaryr before Sven left and went to find another dance partner. Harry slid over to Severus who he saw was as usual scowling in the corner of the room not one for social gatherings by the disdane clearly shown in the mans expression it amused Harry that he had once been scared of this man. 

"Hello Professor" Harry said with a kind smile the mans lips twitched upwards slightly

"Good evening Harry how are you?" Severus asked both were glad they had amended their relationship it also helped that Severus was able to speak to Lily as a ghost as well as get an apoloy from the ghost James since it was never to late for an apology.

"Wondering when I can blow this joint" Harry said with a sigh making Severus snicker

"You and me both" Severus said just as Sirius and Remus walked over their arms linked they sent a secret wink to Harry before grabbing Severus for a dance the dour man squeaked slightly in surprise before fighting to get out of the two mens hold he did not want to even be near the dance floor let alone be participating in the actions, he just wanted to get to his quarters with a nice glass of fire whiskey before bed. Harry watched the three of them go with a happy smile on his face knowing they would all be together sooner than later. Harry was more than glad  that his godfathers were happy he watched the three dance for a while before he stood and left the Hall returning to his dorm room and changing into more comfortable clothing before sneaking out of the castle like the ninja he was. Riddle Manor awaits.

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