Carrion Park

This is the prologue to my book which you can now get on amazon kindle.


1. Prologue Feuding neighbours

Carrion Park Prologue Feuding neighbours 


Leslie Jacobs started at Matt Warden and he stared back at her. They had lived as neighbours for thirty odd years and hated each other’s guts. Leslie was sixty and her husband had died two years ago of a heart attack but she blamed it on the wardens. She was a small woman in height and plump with it but made up for it with an evil temper. She had curly white hair and a wrinkled face and beady little eyes like a fish. Matt was over six feet tall and as skinny as a rake. He wore glasses on a long beaky nose. He too was in his sixties with grey short hair and side burns. His wife had died three years ago of cancer but he blamed the Jacobs for it. His kids had all grown up and left as had Leslie’s now it was just the two of them. When the kids had been young they used to have air gun fights. Hiding in the sheds and shooting at each other. The feud had been going on for many years. Even when one of the kids got injured a pellet hit him just above the eye they kept it to themselves. Car tyres being cut, front doors kicked in, rocks thrown at family members it was all kept private. They never involved the police and settled things their way. Matt had many a fight with Leslie’s husband when he was alive and that was fist fights. Each family would cheer as they ripped into each other. Matt won most of them as Leslies husband had been a small slight man. Now something had happened that beat anything they had ever known. A zombie outbreak and the dead were close now. They lived in the English countryside on a hill in the valley below was the wells bury centre park.  A brand new holiday destination for people. The two families had watched as the centre park was built below. But it seemed to be some kind of beacon and attracted the dead in hordes. Now the dead were coming up the hill. Leslie sneered at Matt and went inside. He did the same. Later Leslie heard the moaning and came outside there was a metal fence built around her property. To keep out the Wardens but now it kept out the dead. She saw the wasted bodies of

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