It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


4. WE'RE STUCK!!!!!!!

​I looked down at Granger I hadn't seen place any spells on the area so how come all of sudden I couldn't move? " Uh Granger did you happen to cast any spells on this area because if you did my father will hear about this." She looked up at me and sighed " i didn't do anything you little ferret what are you talking about?" I gave a frustrated sigh and looked down at her " well I was just asking because I can't move from this spot"


​He sounded so ridiculous that I actually started to laugh. I got up and wiped away my tears and I stood up and looked at him " Malfoy stop being such a prat just walk away" I had intended to take a step to demonstrate but I walked into an invisible wall or something "hey!" I exclaimed "we're stuck!!!"

​An: There's a lot of typos in this chapter because my computer is cutting words out and yeah srry😩

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