It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


10. Sorry

​I'm sorry that this is isn't an actual update😢 and I have not updated in a while but I have been cramming for mid terms which are right around the corner... But some good news during Christmas break I should be able to update and start a new story... Hopefully also I decided to EXTEND THE LIFE SPAN OF THIS STORY... I know that sounded really bad but I promise it sounded cool in my head. So yeah anyway I think that this book will go beyond the 10 chapter it was supposed to be because I'm not ready to let go so the book will end when I think its time. And last but not least... 800 VIEWS!!!! that is so unbelievable 800 people know of my crappy little story wow... So thats all I should be able to update soon so don't hate me and yeah love ya'll - Nikiz 😍

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