It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


7. Out with it Granger

​Hermione's Pov

​The first thing I noticed when I woke up was a horrible pain in my neck. The second thing I noticed was how close Malfoy was to me. And the third and final thing I noticed was how peaceful he looked in his sleep. Before I knew it I was full on staring and i couldn't tear my eyes away from him. That was until I was aware of how quiet it was. Hogwarts was never this quiet unless it was during OWL's and those weren't for another month I was deep in thought Lost in my own little world when a voice broke through "Granger" Malfoy said his voice still groggy "what" I said wondering why he was talking to me, " have you ever been cheated on" he asked his face twisted into a serious frown. I looked at him and I felt tears building up " ummm yes I suppose I have" I said my voice cracking " that's ow we wound up in this situation" I added Malfoy looked at me quizzically " what do you mean" he said his face growing stormy I looked at him and swallowed hard " if you don't mind please Malfoy before I answer that question will you answer one of mine" he looked at me still frowning " it depends on what it is" " well" I cleared my throat " Where is everyone I asked" Malfoy ran a hand through his hair and yawned. " well today everyone left for Christmas break since we're not allowed to stay this year but we're invisible so no one saw us and we're still here." He gave me a look that told me not to ask any questions as he ran his hand through his hair and stretching his legs out. " oh ok " I said hoping he had forgotten about the other question. " now granger answer my question how did you getting cheated on lead up to this" he said drawing imaginary pictures on the ground. " well" I said clearing my voice again stalling. " out with it Granger" he said with a smirk. " ok well here goes"

​An: Alright I know thus chapter is all dialogue so its kind of boring and the next one is a flashback so you already know what happens its basically the first chapter but with a little bit more detail so yeah the ninth chapter will be better I promis these are just fillers AND before you go this book only has 3 chapters left so the anticipated kiss will be coming soon alright luv y'all - Nikiz

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