It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


11. Dammit Granger

​Hermione's Pov

" what do you mean" I asked Draco as I unconsciously scooted closer to him. He liked down at me with his intense silver eyes. " I mean what I said" he said as he gave me his signature smirk. He tilted his head towards me his golden hair falling in his eyes. I could feel his breath on my face. I let out a breath and nervously licked my lips. " Dammit Ganger what are you trying to do?" He growled sorry I said as I bit my lip not sure of what I did wrong. "stop doing that" he said his eyes turning stormy grey. I made a move to scoot away from him but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him I let out a yelp as my body was crashed against his chest. He looked down at my lips and.back at my face. "I really wanna kiss you right now" he said his voice barely above a whisper. I breathed in sharply as i smelled the spearmint on his breath " then do it" I said my voice shaking. I barley had time to process what I had said before his lips were crashing against mine.

​Draco's POV

​I couldn't think straight she kept nibbling her lip and before I knew it she was in my arms and we were having a full on make out session. I Draco Malfoy was on the floor of a deserted hallway in Hogwarts kissing Hermione Granger, and I quite liked it. All to soon she was pulling away for air she looked at me with hooded eyes. " what just happened" she asked looking pleasantly surprised. " I don't know but I want it to happen again in my room" I said with a smirk. She blushed and swatted at my arm. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and asked the question I was dreading " Draco w-what are we" I inwardly groaned but smirked at how predictable she was. "whatever you want us to be granger" I said kissing her forehead she looked up at me and smiled " I want us to be whatever this is" I smiled at her " then this we shall be."

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