Harry Potter--and--Hunger Games: Truth or Dare

They woke up one day in a house with no visible windows or doors or any method of escape-- my house. Now they'll do anything I ask-- or else.


1. Perhaps I Owe An Explanation...

I, the great seventeen-year-old witch Genim, have managed to capture the characters of the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series and placed them in a self-created house that you can only escape with magic-- and taken away everything on them but their clothes and glasses (yes, their wands, weapons, and accessories included).

Daily, I will give them a truth or dare. Sadly, I'm out of ideas. So I need your help.


Comment the following information below to submit a truth (or dare, whatever):

Is this a truth or a dare?:

What is the truth/dare?:

Want to say anything to them (greeting, comments, etc.)?:


In addition to this, I'll be capturing whatever characters you want me to (as long as they are from Harry Potter or the Hunger Games). Seriously, even though I am an amazing witch, I have a horrible memory.

The characters that I have captured so far are:

- Katniss Everdeen

- Cinna

- Effie Trinket

- Haymitch Abernathy

- Peeta Mellark 

- Gale Harthorne

- President Cornelius Snow

- Finnnick O'dair

- Beetee Latier

- Harry Potter

- Hermione Granger

- Ronald Weasley

- Fred and George Weasley

- Percy Weasley

- Severus Snape

- Lord Voldemort

- Bellatrix Lestrange

- Draco Malfoy

- Albus Dumbledore

- Luna Lovegood

- Neville Longbottom

- Ginny Weasley

- Angelina Johnson

- Vincent Crabbe

- Gregory Goyle

(Oh, and try to keep things at most PG. It's a yellow story.)

Thanks, and wicked wishes,

Genimen Ondskab (a.k.a. Genim)

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