That's The Thing

Aiden, the perfect sports superstar, and the popular one. Cassidy, the drama and band geek who is unpopular. When they both have to work on this huge English project and they become known of each other. Will their relationship blossom or are they just too different? Find out in these upcoming chapters.


2. The First Day Jitters

Aiden's Point of View

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

I hit my alarm clock and rub my face awake find some clothes and get dressed and do my normal routine. I come down for breakfast and my mom already has my favorite breakfast ever waffles. Yum! 

"Thanks Mom. You're the best!" I say as I kiss my mom on the cheek.

"What's gotten into you honey bunches?" 

"Can I just be excited for my last year of misery." 

"Yep there is my son that I know and love." We both laugh at that statement 

"Yeah well I better hurry up and eat I am picking up Brittney for school." 

"Okay hon." 

I get in my car and drive... oh not to brag or anything haha I have a 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and it's my baby... besides Brittney of course.

Brittney is my awesome beautiful girlfriend and she is the captain of the cheer squad she is my little cheerleader. She is super smart but not taking advanced classes also she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen I fall in love with her everytime I see her. 

When I get into Brittney's driveway she is already waiting for me shoot I'm so dead.

"Youre late." Brittney says to me as she is walking to the car.  

"I'm only five muinets late babe. You can still do your big entrance we are still 10 minuets early now before we are anymore later let's get into the car."

"No, we are late. If you left on time I would have time to do some touch ups like my nail and hair touch ups now I hardly have time to redo my gloss. So thanks for making this the offical worst first day ever!" Brittney  raises her voice while pouting and gets into my car.

"I'm so-"

"No you're not I told you when we started this relationship that time is important that we always have to be early to everything. You're always late and I'm sick and tired of it!" Brittney still pouting but crosses her arms

"Okay I'm sorry I'll be even earlier next time okay babe." 

"No there won't be a next time because this is our senior year and this is the first day of school. First impressions I have to show everyone that I-I mean we are better than anyone at that school so do you remember what you are suppose to do or did you forget like you always do?"

"Yes we walk in I walk you to your locker  you have your Starbucks order and we kiss and we flirt and we go on our way to separate classes."

"Yes good boy also don't forget to pick me up for lunch."

"Already got it babe"

We drive the rest of the way in silence and we stop at Starbucks and I get Brittney her drink and I get myself a coffee (black if anyone was wondering) and we pull into the schools drive way and we park right out front.

Cassidy's Point of View

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I hit my alarm clock and it's five am. I put on my workout clothes and run on my treadmill for ten miles. Eh that's not bad wish I had more time. Okay now it's six... I hop in the shower and get dressed. I wear a black and white stripped shirt, blue jeans, a black cardigan, and my all white converse. I also put on my moms bracelet and my das ring around my neck.

For hair I heated up my curling wand and I later curl my hair... I put it in a half up half down kind of thing and I put a black bow in the back. I pack my backpack and I'm ready to go... I do my make up in the car later so I can eat breakfast... well you have to have priorities don't you? I head down stairs to meet my grams and grams have already ate breakfast

"Morning hun" says gramps

"Morning babe do you want me to cook you something or there is creole in the cabinet."

"Thanks grams but I think I'm just going to have a protein shake like I usually do... everyday. What's gotten into you grams you seem like you're about to cry?"

"I know babe it's just that it's your first day without your parents after you know and I want this day to be perfect... I guess I have first day jitters." She says as I make my shake

"Oh grams I promise I will make today an awesome day no matter what annoying boy or popular kid bothers me today... this year will be different I have all advanced classes Sierra and Lauren have some classes with me and I'm taking that English class I really wanted to take."

"Okay hon but I want you to know that you can talk to me no matter what's going on in our lives. I might be old but I consider myself as a hip grandma!"

"Trust me you are." I said and I kissed them both on the cheek I grabbed my bag and headed to my truck. I call my truck Jeff because Jeff has been through everything anything through breakups to you know and I love Jeff he smells like coffee and just plain men.

You can tell my grandpa was in here haha but I love it. Before I go I do a quick makeup look (consist of winged eyeliner, Matt lipstick, foundation, and concealer) and I turn of my Rascal Flatts playlist. They are my favorite band I swear they are my future husbands (hey don't judge at least I'm not as bad as Lauren and her band boys).

First before anything I head to Starbucks to get my usual coffee (ball if you were curious) and I was behind this slow guy in this fancy car for like ever I swear I was going to be late but no this guy made me ten minutes earlier so great I don't have time to go talk to Lauren and Sierra... I send them a quick text saying I can't meet up with them but In study hall we can catch up. I park my car and I head into school

The guy in front of me the whole time got a parking spot but he was in front of me with I'm guessing his girlfriend and they were so slow walking it wasn't even funny.

So what do I do... I tap on the guys shoulder.

"Excuse me not trying to be rude but can y'all walk a little faster I mean I don't want to be late for my class."

"Uh how rude and who even are you. Do you know who I am? I can smash your life in a minute." Said his girlfriend

"Look lady I'm not trying to offend anyone but I just want you to take faster steps and you can't smash my life because there is nothing to smash."

I'm guess the boyfriend laughed

"Do you see how she is treating me that little-"

"Okay babe that's enough. We will walk a little faster."

"Thank you that's all I ask of you."

I step right through them and head to class but I overheard their conversation...

"Who is that girl!" Said the girlfriend

"I have no idea..." Said the boyfriend

I blushed and smiled and went on to class

Hey guys sorry for not updating In a really long time but I promise In the new year I will be more consistent with my stories.. well comment, favorite, double like and I'll see ya later alligators <3

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