That's The Thing

Aiden, the perfect sports superstar, and the popular one. Cassidy, the drama and band geek who is unpopular. When they both have to work on this huge English project and they become known of each other. Will their relationship blossom or are they just too different? Find out in these upcoming chapters.


1. Summer

Aiden's Point of View 

"Hey mom, what classes should I take this year... I mean coach told me I needed to challenge myself if I wanted to get anything close to a scholarship," I asked while my mom was cooking dinner. It was a couple of weeks before school started and I needed to sign myself up for classes. I think I might do that tomorrow when I am on my way to practice. 

"Oh, honey! I have such a great idea for you! You should take that AP English class this year aren't you allowed to take it? 

"Yeah, since I did so good on my end of the year testing last year... lasts year English was so boring though maybe this year it will be challenging." 

"I am so proud of you honey! But, do you think you can handle all of this?"

"All of what mom?"

"You know with all of your sports and now harder classes... I don't want my baby to get too stressed out." 

"Oh Grace he'll be fine he's not five anymore he's a freaking senior in high school." My wonderful father chimed in 

"Shush it Herold!" 

"Okay fine but you know I'm right."

I went upstairs to call my girlfriend...


Cassidy's Point of View 

One, two, three.... I was just in the middle of my back squats when my grandma came in.

"Honey, aren't you suppose to be at the school getting your schedule?"

"Yeah I will after I PR my back squat I haven't done that in a while."

"You should go to the gym and do this stuff, babe... I don't want sweat all over my new hardwood."

"What if someone sees me there gram? I couldn't talk to them I just couldn't you know that." Everyone except for my best friends Sierra and Lauren don't know that I work out and I compete with weight lifting. I make sure that no one I know competes. I checked. Plenty of times.

"Okay honey... but hurry up. Grandpa wants to take the truck to do wood so you don't have much time."

"Is it already Monday... dang I lost track of time okay. I'll head over to the school now but let me text Lauren and Sierra so they can meet me for lunch. Is that okay with you?"

"Yep honey just make sure you choose the right classes for you and don't choose to easy ones. Okay?


I went upstairs and took a quick shower put my hair in a bun and put on some shorts and a T and went out the door. Before I started the Truck I texted Sierra and Lauren to meet me at the school around one so we can have a late lunch later they both said kay and I headed off to the school. This year is kind of a big year for me I mean I'm a freaking Junior now. Hopefully, now I can get the lead in drama club and I'm actually the president of the free writers club and the school's newspaper, everything is looking up. Hopefully, this year will be different from the rest.

When I got to the school it was so crowded. I was having trouble finding Sierra and Lauren so I just went to the gymnasium where people sign up for classes and there she was Sierra Lacy the most beautiful girl in the world, of course, she didn't wait for me or Lauren to get there and that's understandable I mean we all love school so much but Sierra is like the queen of the books. She is president of the debate team, she also is with newspaper with me, and she plays soccer so yeah she is fit.

"Hey, girl... mind if I jump in line with you?"

"Omg hey I can't believe we are Juniors of highschool and of course you can jump with me!"

"Yeah me neither it feels like just yesterday we were signing up for freshman classes"

We both laughed at that when Sierra saw Lauren she practically screamed across the gym...


"Can you be any louder."


"Hey what classes are you guys signing up for I still have no idea," Lauren said while she was walking over here with her Starbucks.

"Well I'm taking mostly AP classes and advanced theater"

"I'm taking the basics but I'm in theater." Said Sierra

"Yeah I think I'm just going to take a few AP classes and theater. With all the sports and stuff right now I need my schedule free as possible." Lauren plays all sports after marching band season (which we are all in yayyy!) since Mr. Hoover won't let us do anything during marching season.

"Sounds like fun," I said

We all singed up for our classes and we went get our famous salads at our favorite restaurant The Devils.

~hey guys hoped you enjoyed the first chapter! I have a lot of ideas with this story but I am always looking for more... So favorite double like and comment and I'll see ya later alligators! <3~














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