My journey

Alex Hardin is 17. She has a wonderful life until she finds out she was kidnapped at as 2. She leaves home, now afraid of her 'parents'. When she finds her family, will they believe her or will her trip be wasted? Find out in 'my journey'

Co-author: Paytonhemmings

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3. the plane

Alex's pov


"SHIT! WE FORGOT MONEY!" I yell. I drop my bags and stomp around. "How much do you have?" I ask alayna

"$100." She tells me

"Shit. Uh.... mom said if I needed money I could get it from the emergency card! THE EMERGENCY CARD IS IN HER ROOM!!! Let's go!" I exclaim. I run up HE stairs and hear alayna running behind me. Panting, we reach my moms room and open it.

Her room was neat and clean. And yes, when I say her room, I mean my dads room is downstairs; They don't sleep together. I enter, trying not to move anything and get to her dresser. In the top drawer with her undergarments, I move every little folded up piece of clothing and when I reach the bottom, grab the card.

"Got it!" I say.

"Took you long enough!" Alayna says, leaving the room. We run towards the door and and get in Alayna's car.


-1 hour later-

"So how much is left on there?" Alayna asks me. We sit at the airport, waiting until 1 o'clock when we leave.

"Well I took 600 for the tickets and then 30 for food so 4070" I tell her, putting my brown hair in a bun. She does the same and takes out her phone. I take out the papers that changed my life....

over and over again I look at the name Hemmings. Hemmings. Hemmings. Where do I know that? I ignore the weird feeling and listen to 5sos. I look at the boys on the album photo while 'Don't Stop' plays. Then it hits me.

"Luke Hemmings. I'm his sister!" I yell in Alayna's ear, trying not to disturb anyone else. "Holy fuck."


Hi guys! Sorry it's short but I'm in Iowa with my family and I'm supposed to be off my phone... I'll update again after I get 2 likes/favorites! Thanks lovelies! ❤️❤️

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