Carry On My Wayward Son 6

Jess Winchester, and the Winchester brothers go up against dragons. Will they loose another fight? Will Castiel have to help again?


1. Whatever

Just another day on the job, I thought... We were working a case in Chesterfield, Ohio... By we... It was Dean, Sam, Bobby, and me. We decided to do this, because we couldn't spend more than a week in Chesterfield. I was in the motel room, with my laptop and papers strewn out around me... Along with open books, and John Winchester's journal... You see John was Dean, and Sam's father.
  Dean was sitting on the couch... Bobby was snoring on the bed next to mine. Sam was getting food for Dean and I. I got off the bed, and looked at the painted walls. 
  "Dean you got some tape? And maybe sticky notes?" I asked. 
  "They're out in baby," Dean answered. His eyes were glued to the tv.
  "Okay," I grabbed the keys off of the table, and walked out. "I wish you would've let Sam take your baby, instead of mine." 
  "He isn't taking mine, because I'm the boss around here," Dean said. 
  "Oh shut up, you idgit," Bobby sat up. "Can't a guy catch some shut eye around here? Or is that about damn right impossible to ask for." I smiled, and walked out. I unlocked Dean's car, grabbed the sticky notes and tape from the glove box. That's when I heard something. It was a loud bang. Not a gun fire... I could tell you that much. I looked around, making sure to lock the Impala when Dean came out. 
  "Jess?" he asked concern shown in his voice. I shushed him, and he quieted down. The loud bang sounded again. 
  "What is that?" I asked. That's when I saw my truck. Someone else was in it.... and Sam was leaned against the window. 
 "Keys," Dean ordered, I tossed them to him. We rushed into baby, and the car jerked into motion. As we fallowed BB. I could see Sam slumped into the chair, and the crazy driver smiling. I had this thought. Well I mean it wasn't mine, but I heard it. 
  "Dean turn right, you can catch them at the intersection," I said. 
  "You sure?" Dean asked. Turning right. 
  "Now right up here, and then left," We were at the intersection, and that's when I saw BB. "See!"
  "Good now how do we stop them?" Dean asked. I grabbed my gun. 
  "Watch," I aimed at BB's tires. Pulled the trigger, and a loud boom sounded. That's when the truck slowed down.  I jumped out, and ran towards the truck. That's when a light blue light shown from inside the truck. It was like fire. 
   "Jess!" Dean yelled as the driver grabbed me. I felt hands around my waist, and I felt something cover my eyes. 
   "No!" I yelled out struggling. That's when I hit the ground. Everything was black. Again. I was as blind as a bat in the daytime. 

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