Hidden Illusions

Viviana Porter was a normal girl until the day her only family member, her brother is murdered. Grief stricken Viviana took it on herself to seek vengeance, along the way she meets different kinds of people with different stories of their own. Will she be able to complete her task while helping others along the way? Could Aaron the guy she's never met but has always helped and guided her be the way to defeat those who are guilty? Could the guy who tried to kill her turn out to be the man she falls in love with?


1. Chapter 1

"Vengeance is a monster of appetite, forever bloodthirsty and never filled." -Richelle. E goodrich

I jumped up and grabbed onto the window seal swinging myself through the opening, I landed with a thud on the wood floor. I parted the curtains a tad bit to let some moon light into the room. There was a king sized bed and what looked like to be wedding pictures hanging on the wall, lucky them they have the luxury of falling in love. Scoffing in disgust I turn towards the other side of the room and examine the dresser that had make up and women products spread acrossed it . I walked forward and opened the top drawer, it was empty. I opened the other drawers to find they have been emptied too. 

"Shit." Groaning I put my finger to my ear piece.

"Aaron we have a problem."  

"You mean other then you breaking into a home on a stupid lead from some anonymous person." He replied sarcastically

"Lecture me later asshole, but if their as innocent as you say can you make a suggestion as to why all their shit is packed?"   

"Vacation maybe? A trip? You know the things we don't get to do, well other then the trips for missions and leads." 

"I wouldn't be so sure." Lifting up a picture frame that had no picture in it.

"They seemed to have taken some other stuff to, don't think they'll be back for awhile."

"Damn It. You better find them right now." He growled "They are a very important asset!." He yelled through the earpiece

"Don't wor-." 

suddenly a gruffy hand gabbed me from behind and spun me around, I was facing my attacker. he was a well built medium sized man who had a dangerous look to him his face was covered with a scruffy beard, his long well built slender body was covered by a black t-shirt that had a tear on the neck line so it wouldn't tear, and a pair of black skinny jeans that I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pant's as he stepped towards me, the pants  had rips in them from the knee down to the calf. The man's eye's were a glowing icy blue. His face was nicely sculpted well what I could see through his long tangled black hair.

 That's all I had time to see before the man's fist collided with my face, I slide back on my face and face the man, a slight smirk spread across my face as the man came towards me.

"That wasn't very nice was it." I questioned rolling my eye's.

What looked like a hint of a smile appeared on the man's face but as soon as it had appeared it had vanished. The man went to try and strike me again but what he didn't know I was one step ahead of him. I stomped my black steel toed boot on the ground causing a blade to slid out of the top, before the man could reach me I did a spinning roundhouse, leaving a barely noticeable scratch on his cheek. The man scoffed and ran his finger across the scratch.

"Well that wasn't to nice either." He mocked.

"I don't really have a reputation of being nice." I replied.

"Ditto." He replied.

I held my breath as the sound of his seductive but gravely voice made it's way through my head. The man stepped towards me and looked me in the eye's.

 "It's such a pity to have to destroy such a beautiful lady." The man eyed me from head to toe as he licked his lips slowly. 

"Such a pity I can't have fun with you."

My eye's flashed red, did he think I would fall for such tricks. I glare at him and headed straight towards him when his hand shot out and all I knew was that I had a blade inside me, the blade went straight through my lower abdomen, the sound of the sharp metal tearing through my flesh echoed  throughout the room. I grinded my teeth together and stared the man down. I wrapped my fingers around his hand and pulled the knife out by the hilt.

 "Bloody bastard." 

Spitting out blood I take off my shirt revealing the bloody flesh wound through my blood drenched tank top, there wasn't enough blood flowing out of it for it to be a ruptured organ or vein so I ripped the sleeve of my black long sleeved shirt and wrapped it around the wound, I'll let Aaron look at it when I get back to the haven for now I need to finish up what I started. 

I looked back up and the man wasn't there anymore.


I pushed on my ear piece and Aarons loud and annoying voice forced it's way into my ear.

"Why the hell haven't you been replying Viviana I've been trying to get ahold of you this whole time."

"I don't know Aaron, all I know is this knife wielding asshole appears and then the line goes blank." 

A loud thud came in through the earpiece.

"Are you hurt." His voice was harsh and demanding

"No, no i'm totally fine I mean he totally didn't stab me." I replied oozing sarcasm.

"I'll call the car around to the back until then turn on your monitor, I want to make sure your bod-."

I Grabbed my head and stumbled backwards.

" Vivi-."

Was the last thing I heard before Everything went black.

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