Dark Love

Love is unpredictable and dangerous, just like Tom's day job. How does love always conquer, no matter what the situation? Follow Tom, Cara and Matt on their rollercoaster of a life and see where love, trust and loyalty takes them!


2. The fight

Matt's p.o.v

All of my friends had no clue what was really happening behind closed doors, I was trying, trying my hardest to beat him but I didn't have the fight left in me. Loyalty. I knew a few of my friends enjoyed using their fists to throw their weight around but someone like me doesn't! I wouldn't mind learning self defence though. Day after day I went to school although today, I was doing something that was out of my regular timings. Someone dared me to fight Tom, the big bad wolf of the school... The street fighter that few knew of. His friends dared me so I, stupidly accepted.

After school was his rule, down the usual alley. The alley that few watch the 'entertainment'.

The day went by quicker than I hoped to be honest, I don't know why I even agreed to fight Tom. This has got to be the worst decision I've made so far. Slowly, I walked up to the dark gloomy alley and bumped into my friend Joe.

"Hey mate, what you doing here?" I asked curiously, I didn't expect Joe to be here at a fight. Joe jumped as I acknowledged him. Joe's eyes widened as he recognised me before looking at the ground thinking of what to say.

"Erm, I could- er I could ask you the same thing" Joe replied not meeting my gaze.

"I'm here to fight Tom...he will beat me-I know that already" I shrugged my shoulders, I was now considering leaving, calling the whole thing off " but why are you here?" I repeated as he scratched the back of his neck nervously chuckling.

"I'm Tom's trainer..." He sighed " I thought you knew" Joe finally met my gaze with a guilty expression. I was speechless, my friend was arranging the fight! Anger flood through me as I saw red like a bull, a call to fight, I shoved him against the brick wall, pinning him as I gripped on to his black coat. The zip lines were digging in to my palms as I balled my fists up. Joe was so surprised by my sudden anger, that he didn't react or try to fight back although I knew he could overpower me easily.

"You have got to be kidding me!?" I yelled, my voice cutting through the cold silence like a knife. Suddenly, I was yanked backwards by an arm that was clamped tightly on my shoulder. I spun around only to receive a harsh punch across my cheek which made me topple to the cold unforgiving floor. I let out a low moan feeling the pain slice through my face.

"You're fight is with me not him!" A deep voice sliced through the silence as I scrambled to stand back up, ignoring the chuckles from the crowd that had quickly formed. I glanced up to come face to face with Tom, his dirty blonde hair slicked back out of his face and his dark blue eyes showed no mercy. " now hurry, you bore me" Tom demanded grouchily staring at me.

I held up my fists in a defensive stance whilst Tom was still stood there with his arms crossed. I took the chance that I had and swung my fist toward his face, he ducked and dodged out the way, my arm continued forward and within seconds he had yanked my arm down so I lurched forward. Grabbing the back of my head in a strong grip, he slammed my head down with quick succession, so quick that I flipped forward, landing on my back on the uneven cobbled stone.

My head smashed back, the roaring flame of pain erupting around me. As I lay there, I saw him with his arms folded smirking. I winced as I squinted to look at Tom who had began circling me, daring me to stand up. I, however did not have one ounce of energy to move.

"So, should I call an ambulance?" He kneeled down next to me "Or should I leave you here with the rats, because your mommy isn't coming to save you!" he spat, chuckling as he turned around to face the crowd which roared around me. I lay still on the floor as the darkness arose around me. I was failing to keep my eyes open let alone try and stand up for a second round...I sunk into the darkness as my eyes became too heavy however I still managed to hear the last words from Tom

"And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a mummy's boy!"

Authors note

Heya guys! Please leave a comment below telling me what you think of the characters so far. Love the feedback ❤

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