Between Hell and Heaven

What happens if you only have 7 days to decide if you want to go to hell or heaven? if demons, angel and reapers are fighting, for your soul? And if you fall in love with who seems to be the bad guy?


1. Driving in the rain

Rain drizzles down from the window. Sad, grey weather makes the day dark and sad, but in the same time cozy. I like rain. Staying inside under a pile of blankets, laying by the fireplace. Mom makes you noodle soup, and dad sits by the tv, watching football. But right now i'm sitting in a car, on my way to a new house. New home. My dad passed away 3 months ago, and my mom totally broke down. So did i. My name is Maya by the way, and i’m 16. Oh well, my mom couldn't stay in the house anymore. She says it reminded her of him, and she can't go around crying all the time. I guess i understand. At least it wasn’t that far away, our new house, so i still went to the same school with all my friends. I look over at my mom.
"Yes sweety?" My mom replies, and look at me with a fake smile
I knew it was hard for her to leave the house. Just as hard as it was for me.
"Are we there yet?" I ask, and smile back.
"Uhm yes, just five minutes"
I look out of the window again. The beauty of fall was showing. I hate fall, or i mean like, i hate the weather. Always raining. I love spring though. So did my dad. I sigh. My mom noticed that.


“What’s the matter sweetheart?” She ask and turn around to face me.

“Just thinking about dad” I replied, looking down at my feet.

“Look, i know it’s hard, it is for both of us. But we will get over it, or the bad part of it. Together. Ok?”

There was an awkward silence between us for a couple of seconds.

“Mom, you should have your eyes on the road”

“No, imma look at yoooouu” She teased




A truck tilted over to its side, and landed across the road. No way around. Mom tried to stop the car, but it was too late. We hit the tuck. Everything turns black.

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