The Adoption

Brynn Tucker is 12 years old and has lived in the Our Little Savior orphanage since she was under 1 week old. She's kind and friends with almost everyone at the orphanage. One day, 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy come to Our Little Savior and find Brynn. Read to find out what will happen to Brynn and One Direction!


4. Infections


"BRYNN! CAITLIN!" All I could hear were my friends shrieks. I leapt out of my chair in the orphanage office and raced out the front door. Covered in blood lay Caitlin and Brynn. Both unconscious. Sirens were in the distance but not close enough. They wouldn't be here for at least 5 minutes. Tears trickled down my face. They have to survive. They have to survive. Liam wrapped an arm around my neck and burst into tears as well. Niall was knelt down in front of Brynn shaking, tears gushing from his eyes. He was screaming, "No! No! Not you! Not any of you! Save them!" Louis was sitting on the orphanage step trying to call several hospitals to send more than one ambulances. It was insane and too stressful.

"One of you may accompany each child in separate ambulances. The rest of you may meet them at the hospital. Just follow us." I looked up and a tall, buff man was standing there picking up Brynn in his arms. I turned around and Claudia was banging her head against the wall and crying hysterically.

"I'll go with Brynn." I nodded and kissed her blood covered forehead. Niall wiped a tear from his eye and followed a different man who was holding Caitlin. Louis and Liam hopped into Louis's car and I jumped into the ambulance. The man shut the doors behind us as he came in behind me. He started pumping Brynn with air. I've never seen the inside of an ambulance: Ever!


Laying unconscious, and blood covered were Caitlin and Brynn. I started screaming and threw myself down next to Brynn. I frantically tried to wipe the blood from the girls heads but nothing was working. Tears were soaking my polo shirt as I ferociously wiped at Brynn and Caitlin.

"Stop, you don't want to give them infections!" Liam cried and I gave in. All of a sudden the ambulances were there. I told Harry I would go with Caitlin and Harry went with Brynn. Liam and Louis drove with Claudia in the car behind them. Inside the ambulance, the doctor put a liquid into Caitlin's cuts and wounds. It was terrifying me. I hid my face in my hands and sobbed my eyes out. I'm so nervous for Brynn and Caitlin. Ever since I laid eyes on them I've loved them. They're my godchildren!


I couldn't believe my eyes. Brynn and Caitlin lay breathless on the city sidewalk. I burst into tears and wrapped an arm around Harry, also in a breakdown. Niall was screaming at the top of his lungs wiping at the girls heads. Louis was sitting on the step on his phone, screaming at several doctors.

"Stop, Niall you're going to give them infections!" I yelled at Niall but quickly regretted it. Even though yes he should stop he may hurt the girls, he was also doing his best to save them. I couldn't handle it all. It was happening too quickly!


"GET OUT! GET OUT!" I screamed at Liam to open his car door. He sat there motionless, in upset staring at the two girls laying on the sidewalk. Tears rushed down my face as I climbed over Liam and Niall. Niall ran and knelt down next to Brynn frantically wiping at her and Caitlin's foreheads to try to remove the gushing blood.

"I'll call 911!" I shouted and weak from my crying I sat down on the orphanage step. Liam and Harry were close to me, hugging. I dialed 911 and a lady answered.

"State your location and emergency." She chirped. I responded "Little Savior orphanage in New York City. Two girls have tripped are unconscious and bleeding heavily." I heard breathing and typing and then she hung up. I was so frantic and I thought maybe she didn't hear me so I called, 5th Avenue Hospital.

"Hello this is Shelly from 5th Avenue Hospital. How may I help you?" A woman answered again. "Hello it's Louis Tomlinson. I'm outside the Little Savior orphanage. Two girls have tripped over a rock and are unconscious and bleeding heavily. We need help." I answered. I heard her squeal but then she asked, "Have you dialed 911?" "Yes ma'am. I'm just nervous they're not going to come." She laughed a bit, it was sort of rude to me.

"Don't worry they'll come. But I can help you by setting up a room. It's busy here today. 2 children? Ages and names please." She said and I felt a wave of relief. At least a room would be ready when we got there. "Brynn O'Malley Styles age 12 and Caitlin West Styles age 3." I answered and I heard her typing away on her computer. "Thank you sir. We will see you when you get here." She cheered and hung up. I sat breathless on the stoop tears pouring once again. The manager came out the door and gasped. She screamed, "LORD NO!" I buried my head in my hands. Suddenly I heard the sirens approaching.

"We will take it from here," an older, man with a gray mustache nodded his head and lifted Caitlin up. "Don't you worry."

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