Save Me A Spark

Lillian Gaskarth has had a rough life. Kellin Quinn is her best friend, but could there be more? One party will change their whole lives.


3. Chapter 2

    ...“Hey Kells, wanna come to my room with me?” I barely get the sentence out of my mouth and Kellin has me by my hand taking me to my room.

    When Kellin and I get to my room, I feel like I was 16 again. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline or the alcohol, but I knew this was going to end well for me. I watched as Kellin swiftly closed the door, leaving the two of us alone with no interruptions. “Do you still smoke?” Kellin asks as he sits on my bed.

I laugh lightly, “That’s like asking if I still breathe.”

    After a while, Kellin and I are sitting on the floor higher than the Empire State Building. I giggled a little and asked, “So, what happened down there?”

Kellin shook his head and sighed. “I guess she’s been fucking him this whole time. I’m so stupid.”

I give him a hug. “You’re not stupid Kells. She’s a whore. You don’t need to be worrying about shit like that. You deserve someone better.”

He smiles and takes my face in his hands. Before I could process what was happening, his lips were on mine. My hands instantly went around his neck when he pulled me onto his lap. We made out for about ten minutes (although it felt like forever) before he pulled away smirking at me. I soon found my hands back in his hair before he lied down and pulled me with him. His lips soon found my neck sucking ever so slightly. A small moan escaped my lips as Kellin continued to kiss down to my chest. He tugged on my shirt, signalling he wanted it off. Once we discarded all of our clothes, my dream finally came true.

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