poetry (COMPLETED)

for the compatition


2. i am a girl

I am a girl. I am not weak.

I am strong. I am a leader.

  I Don't let anyone put me

down. I dance, sing, karate,

fight, and be a girl. Make

things complicated, bother

people, and be that one bad

ass girl in the class. Have

crushes, play sports, go

shopping. Be a tomboy,

stay up all night, and

gossip. Sleepover, truth

or dare(craz cray dares)

and text.  Be annoying,

give people names, listen

to music, and be by myself.

 Be that one book worm,

write stories, and learn

new languages. Stalk

people, were black,and

take quizes. Hang with

besties, act, and skate.

Be evil, savage, and be

strong. I run, be active,

love darkness, and the

moon. Crazy stories,

science experiments

and french. Be a dare

devil, love black, and

be a wich. Be crazy,

art, and be naturally

messy. Grow old, dream

away, and watch tv. Live

life, sing, an dance. Paint,

fly, and lie. Read, school,

be funny, and clarinet.

Fake sick, be innocent,

and volunteer. joke

around, be cool, were

glasses. write notes, tease

people, and don't care.

Hang posters, play piano,

live city life, hate attention,

were makeup and jewelry.

Write quotes, fangirl,

romance. Harry potter,

babies, lie in bed all day.

Ebooks, trouble maker,

help break people up. 

I am me. I am a girl.

I am proud.


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