Blood Game

"The more blood, the more pain"


4. Chapter 3: "Do you ever shut up?"

-  “If he doesn’t find you annoying already he definitely will now” Kate speaks as we’re eating our lunch. I know that she’s referring back to my little interfere with Zach yesterday.
- “I just don’t get it” I start, wiping my mouth with a napkin. “Everyone’s been so nice to me ever since I started here, everyone expect him. I don’t know what I did that makes him hate me so much”
- “Maybe it’s because your hair is dark” Tristan joins the conversation as he’s chewing on his tuna sandwich. I arch my eyebrow as I watch him, confused.
- “Huh? Why the hell is that relevant?”
- “Well, I’ve heard he only fucks blonde chicks” he replies, causing Kate to almost choke on her food. Mel can’t help but snort. I give him the what-the-fuck-bro-look before rolling my eyes by his dorkiness.
- “It’s true though” Mel speaks a few seconds later. “I’ve never heard of a non-blonde chick sleeping with him”
- “Guys, I don’t care who the hell he fucks and who he doesn’t? Oh my god” I sigh.
- “I was just saying” Tristan shrugs as he takes another bite of his sandwich.
I look at Kate to find her already looking at me. She smiles which only causes me to smile back.
- “I really just don’t think that you should take it personal. Maybe he’s just messing around with you, you know” She nudges me with her shoulder.
- “Why would he mess around with me? He doesn’t even know me” I turn my head to look around and my eyes immediately land on him. He’s talking, his jawline clenching every now and then. He’s got a very marked jawline. His blonde hair is messy underneath the hoodie, slightly covering his eyes due to the length of it. His lips look so soft and warm and- wait, why the hell am I thinking about his lips? Gosh. I frown. Then he looks over here and I quickly turn my head back around. 10 seconds later I look back, and that’s when my eyes are caught by his. He’s staring directly at me, no emotion shown on his face. I look away again as I bite my lip, embarrassed to be caught. An uncomfortable feeling is filling by body, why does he make me feel this way?
- “You finished with that?” Tristan pulls me back to reality. I look at him to find him pointing at the last few bites of my sandwich. I smile as I nod, and he grabs it, putting it into his mouth.
- “We better get back to class” Kate gets up from her seat, followed by Tristan and Mel. I get up as well, grabbing my denim jacket from the backrest.
- “You guys can go, I’ll join you in class” I say, holding the jacket in my arms.
- “Where you going?” Kate asks, raising an eyebrow.
- “I just need some fresh air, I don’t really feel good” I admit, earning a nod in return.
I walk to the door that leads outside to the schoolyard, and I take a deep breath as the fresh air embraces my face. I walk to a bench and sit down as I close my eyes for a bit.
It’s summer and the heat is suffocating. I don’t even know why I brought my denim jacket with me to school; I won’t need it for sure.
Suddenly the door opens and I look up to see Zach walking out of it. Alone.
He reaches down his pocket and pulls out a box of cigarettes and a lighter.
I watch him as he lights the cigarette and lets out a smoking puff. He’s leaning against the wall.
- “Smoking is going to kill you, you know” I say, my voice loud enough for him to hear.
- “So will all your stupid comments, what’s worse?” he replies monotonously. I raise an eyebrow.
- “Ouch” I say, looking down. I was expecting a reply like that. He doesn’t answer.
Instead he lets out another puff, then he pulls out his phone and looks at it.
- “Why is it that you hate me so much? Like, what did I ever do to make you hate me?” I ask, but instead of looking up from his phone he just continues scrolling down on the screen as he lets out a kind of provoking chuckle.
- “I don’t hate you” he then says, taking another puff. “I just don’t like you either”
- “And why is that? Because my hair is dark?” I ask, thinking of what Tristan and Mel said.
This time he looks up at me.
- “What?” he chuckles as he raises an eyebrow, somehow finding this whole conversation amusing.
- “Do you ever stop being a dick?”
- “Do you ever shut up?” he quickly snaps back. I frown. There’s a silence for a while.
- “I just don’t see a reason for you to treat me like this, that’s all.” I look at him, watches as he takes a last puff of the cigarette before throwing it to the ground.
- “Why do you even care? It’s not like I’m your type anyway, right?” His words are more of a statement rather than a question. I don’t say anything; I don’t really know what to say actually.
He’s right, he’s not my type. I just told him the other day at the old pub. I watch him as he walks inside the building again, leaving me all alone again.
I decide to walk inside the building again. As I leave the cantina and out into the hallway to find my book, I see Zach now companied with the other guys.
“Hey look that’s the girl from the cantina!” I hear one of them say to the others, but I decide to act as if I don’t hear them. I walk to my locker to find my books for the next class.
“Is the tuna good?” another guy mimics, causing the other guys to burst out laughing.
I sigh. I feel stupid now for letting myself humiliate just because I was too stubborn to find out why he dislikes me so much, instead of just shrugging it off and move on like Kate told me to.
- “Don’t mind them” a female voice suddenly appears beside me. I turn my head to find an awfully beautiful blonde girl standing right beside me. She’s a bit taller than I, her hair long and smooth. Her hair looks naturally blonde and due to her blue eyes I would say it is. She’s wearing a beige tight mid-dress that reveals her curves, and a pair of black plateau sandals. She looks like a model.
- “I’m Debbie Heatherton, 3rd grader” she speaks again as she reaches out her hand for me to shake, smiling. I smile back as I gently shake it. “Um, I’m Jasmine Reyes, 3rd grader too.”
- “Nice to meet you Jasmine!”
- “Nice to meet you too” I reply as I look over to find all the guys now watching me.
They all look rather surprised. Zach’s jaw is clenched tight, looking like someone who doesn’t enjoy what he’s seeing. I inwardly sigh. Of course he doesn’t, he’s looking at me, duh.
- “Um, I don’t know if you’ve heard” Debbie speaks again, catching my attention again as I look at her. “But I’m throwing this huge party on Friday. You can come if you want! Just bring some friends” she’s giving me a big smile, and I can’t help but smile back. That’d be a great opportunity for me to meet more people and make more friends.
- “Sure, I’d love to! Thank you!”
- “Awesome! Can I have your number? Then I’ll send you all the details” she asks, and I nod.
After exchanging phone numbers Debbie hugs me and then she’s gone.
I walk past the guys who are no longer talking about me, but I can’t help but notice that Zach’s gone. I shrug it off, he’s not my problem, and then I head back to class.


- “Your dad will be out of town this weekend and I’m working night schedules, so you’ll be home alone most of the time, you think you can handle that?” My mom asks me as I’m helping her prepare the dinner. I think of the party that Debbie invited me to and that I haven’t even told Kate, Tristan or Melanie yet.
- “Yea sure, I’ll probably just stay over at Kate or something, I’ll work it out” I assure her, earning a smile and a nod in return. My mom means everything to me, and it sounds awfully cliché to say that she might be one of my bestfriends but she is. I can tell her everything, whether it’s about school, friends or boys. She specifically loves the boy-part because well, in the end she is my mom.
- “Mom…” I say, hesitating a bit. I look down at the potatoes that I’m currently peeling as I’m looking for the right words. “There’s this guy at school…“
- “Oh, a new boyfriend perhaps?” she interrupts, smirking playfully at me that causes me to snort and quickly shake my head.
- “No!” I reply, laughing a bit. “He’s a jerk, a big one, and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Her playful look becomes more concern, even though I can tell by the smirk still playing in the corner of her lips that she’s not fully convinced about the boyfriend part. I roll my eyes.
- “A jerk, really? How is he being a jerk? To you?” As she speaks the last words the smirk fully disappears and she now looks completely serious, listening to what I have to say.
- “Yea… I mean, it’s like… I don’t know” I stop peeling the potatoes, as I try to figure out in my head what it is that I even want to tell her. “Everyone’s been so nice to me ever since I started… But he’s just being… Well, first of all he’s awfully rude, and he’s just so careless like, Monday during lunch he bumped into me at the cantina, causing my glass of water to fall down and spill all over my meal, and he didn’t even bother to turn around and give me an apology or just the slightest of attention.” I frown as I tell her, feeling the frustration and irritation building up inside of me.
- “That was not okay” my mom agrees, giving me a compassionate gaze.
- “Not at all, that was so rude! And then when I went to hang out with Kate and the others after dinner you know, we went to the old pub and he was there and-“
- “The old pub? I thought you said you were just going to stay at Kate’s house?” my mom interrupts, arching a brow. I stop midsentence, realizing I never told about the pub.
- “Yea I know, but they changed the location, but hey that’s not what we’re talking about!” I quickly change the subject back to what I was about to tell her. She looks skeptically at me.
- “He was at the old pub and I thought it be good to you know, introduce myself and then maybe he’d apologize but no. He didn’t even introduce himself; he just said something like “oh you’re the new girl”” I try to mimic his careless voice, but I swear no one could ever sound that careless.
- “Hmm, he seems very rude yes. You should just leave him alone, honey, he’s no good” my mom tells me as she pulls me in for a hug. I can’t help but smile.
- “But he’s just ugh…Yesterday he took our usual eating spot at the cantina, along with his friends, who are just as big jerks as him. I told them that this was our spot but they didn’t care, I bet they just did it to provoke me… And he smokes! Gross.” My mom giggles, causing me to giggle too.
- “Baby, baby, baby… Perhaps you should just give up on him.”
- “Mom you make me sound like I’m crushing on him or something!” I pull out of the hug to look at her in disbelief. She raises an eyebrow, studying me.
- “But sweetheart tell me, if you absolutely disgust this boy, then why do you keep making an effort to get his attention? Why not just leave him alone then?” She looks at me and I look back, not saying anything. Then I look away, biting my lip. She’s right, why do I even care if he likes me or not? “Because I don’t want him to hate me when he doesn’t even know me…” I look down.
My mom looks at me for a while, then she sighs and wraps her arm around me, before giving me a kiss on the forehead.
- “Some people are just not worth wasting time on. You should go find someone who’s interested in getting to know you! Aren’t there any sweet guys at school?” she asks, and I roll my eyes as I look up at her, causing her to giggle once again.
- “Mom” I just say and she knows exactly what I’m about to say next, therefore she puts her hands up in defense, causing me to laugh. “I’m just asking! You can tell your old mom, you know?” she puts her hands down again, nudging me gently with her elbow. I giggle.
- “I know mom. I know.”
- “Good! Now let’s get this dinner ready, your dad will be home any minute”


It’s Thursday morning, 8:56AM and school’s about to start.
- “Did you do homework?” Tristan asks me and I nod. “Did you?” he shakes his head, and I can’t help but giggle as I roll my eyes. I turn my computer screen so that Tristan can see my answers to the question that was homework for today.
- “Seriously, listening to Mrs. Popkins voice makes me wish I brought my pillow to school.”
I can’t help but giggle again, causing him to chuckle as well.
- “I admit you look shit” I say. He sticks out his tongue at me and I send him an air kiss.

From: Kate from class

So what r we up for tomorrow? :-*

I remember the party.
- “Oh by the way Tristan, we’re invited to a party tomorrow” I say as I text back Kate.
- “Awesome, I’m ready!” he replies as he moves closer to have a look at me and Kate’s conversation.

From: Me

We’re invited for this party tomorrow. Someone named Debbie.
She’s also a 3rd grader :-)

- “Debbie Heatherton?” Tristan asks. I look at him as I raise an eyebrow.
- “Yea, do you know her?” for a few seconds he doesn’t say anything, but then he shrugs.
- “She’s hot” he says, looking up from the screen as Mrs. Popkins walks in the room.
- “She is” I agree, turning my head to smirk at him. “Maybe you can hook up with her tomorrow” I whip my eyebrows up and down. He then laughs and shakes his head.
- “Hell no” he then says, looking at Mrs. Popkins.
- “Why not?” I give him a confused look.
- “Because I’m so not her type” he looks at me before turning his eyes back on Mrs. Popkins.
- “Not her type? Then how is her type?” I ask, not quiet following. Tristan is hot and sexy, he’s tanned and has a perfect muscular body, I’d do him for sure, if it wasn’t because he’s my classmate and now a very great friend of mine.
- “Bad boys is what she digs.” He says as he puts his pen in the mouth, biting at the end of it.
- “Oh… Right” I say, nodding. Then I turn my eyes on Mrs. Popkins too.
- “I’ve never really understood why girls want a bad boy. I mean, he’s nothing but trouble. And then if he’s a real bad boy he’ll end up in jail, what’s the fun about that?” Tristan chuckles at my question. “You ask them” he just says. As I think of the stereotypical bad boy I for some reason end up thinking of Zach. I don’t know if it’s the hoodie, his rude comments or just simply the way he is that makes me think he could be such a guy. I see a new message from Kate. I open it.

From: Kate from class

Awesome! What time? :-)

I remember Debbie telling me she’d send the details.

From: Me

I’ll send the details when I have them :-*

- “Jasmine, can you please tell me the answer to question four?” Mrs. Popkins suddenly asks, clearly aware that my attention isn’t towards her class.
- “Um, yea sure” I say as I clear my throat before continuing “it’s the cognitive psychology that is divided in five categories; language, way of thinking, awareness, memory and perception. It is in many ways a further development of the behaviorism, but instead of just seeing the human behavior as a result of the outer influences, it expands the field and has interest in how the human perceive its surroundings and tries to make logical sense of them.”
- “Thank you, that’s correct.” Mrs. Popkins say as she turns around to write something on the blackboard. I look at Tristan who gives me a thumb up.
I smile. 

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