I Got You

Alone in New York, trying to follow her dreams in being a famous photographer much like Kait Robinson, Eleanor Jack made the most of her new living conditions with her Godmother Tracey.

She was a new student at NYU to be a journalist but really, photgraphy was her passion. She meets Max, a man who makes her life in NY just that little bit better.


1. Chapter One

“Hi, one ticket please.” I smiled at the lady at the front desk of the Empire State Building. “Thats $54 sweetie.” she smiled typing on her computer for my ticket. “Here you go.” I smiled handing her the money for my ticket. “Enjoy.” she said handing me the ticket, “Next.” she spoke as I walked away. I stood in the lobby observing my surroundings in complete awe as I snapped a few photos of a few things up on the wall.

“Wow.” I whsipered to myself as I stared out the window at the 102nd floor of the building. I took in the view of New York and noticed the streets light turning on. I brought my camera to my face looking through the lens. Zooming in and out till I got the perfect image. “Beautiful isn't it?” a deep voice said from next to me. I put my camera down looking up at the man next to me. He looked about 24 and wore a black suit. The stuble on his face made him look really mature and really attractive. 

“It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life.” I sighed staring back out the window. “I’m Max by the way.” he smiled extending his hand out towards me. “Eleanor.” I smiled shaking his hand. “British?” he asked taking note of my accent. “Yeah, moved here a month ago.” I smiled taking photos of the people completely mesmerised by the view. “Would you like someone to show you around?” he smiled watching me take photos. I stood up from taking a photo of a little girl playing with her stuffed toy. I looked up and smiled, “Thanks Max. I’d like that.”

“So tell me, why did you move to New York?” Max asked me as we walked out of Starbucks, coffee in our hands. “Well I want to pursue a career in photography but my mom thought it was a bit irrational and suggested I do something else. So I applied for Journalism here at NYU. New people. New surroundings. New photography opportunities.” I said taking a sip of my iced coffee. “Makes sense I guess. Wanting to be independent and wanting new surroundings.” he nodded. “What about you? Did you grow up here?” I asked wanting to know more about him. “No. I was born in Miami but when I turned 18 I moved here. Same reasons, wanting to be independent.”

“So what do you do Max?” I asked as we walked through Central Park. “I’m currently the CEO for my uncles hotel. He owns the Four Seasons Hotel.” he said pointing to a bench for us to sit at. “Thats really cool.” I smiled watching my surroundings, “Oh please hold this.” I said handing him my coffee as I made my way to this boy who looked around 8 playing with his puppy. I crouched down and took a few photos of them. When I was done I stood up and walked back to Max who was observing me. 

“Sorry about that. I see a great opportunity for a photo and I just go.” I laughed turning my camera. “I would love to see your photography.” he smiled. “No, they not really that good.” I laughed looking at the time on my phone. Shit it was already 7. “I am so sorry, but I have to get going. It was nice meeting you Max.” I said hurriedly making my way to the street to call a cab. “Wait, here.” he said handing me his card, “Come have dinner with me tomorrow night.” “I’ll let you know in the morning.” I smiled as a cab pulled up to the side of the curb. “It wasn't a question Eleanor.” he said closing the door after I got in and with that the cab drove off to my aunts house.



“You have a date?” my best friend yelled as I rummaged through my closet looking for something to wear. I agreed to Max about meeting him for dinner tonight and here I am 2 hours before I’m supposed to leave, Skyping my best friend and looking for something to wear. 

“It’s not a date Tay. He’s an acquaintance who is just being friendly.” I sighed sitting back down in front of my computer. “Girl, it’s a date. Now where is he taking you?” she laughed. “He’s taking me to the restaurant at Four Seasons.” I sighed running a hand through my hair. “Shit! That is fancy!” she said wide eyed. “I know and I don’t know if I should go with jeans or a dress.” “El, I know the perfect outfit.” she grinned.


An hour and a forty-five later I was standing in front of my mirror admiring myself. I looked completely different, but a good different. Tayla suggested I wear my red sleeveless skater dress with lace detailing on the bodice. With that I wore my black pumps that Tayla gave me for my 18th birthday. I wore my teardrop labradorite ring and my black cloth bag with a gold strap. My hair was done in simple waves and my make up was a simple bronze smokey eye and maroon lipstick.

“El, there’s a boy named Max here for you.” my godmother Tracey yelled from downstairs. I took a deep breath as I made my way downstairs. Why was I so nervous? I grabbed the railing tightly as I made my down stairs. When I was safe I found Max talking to Tracey in the living room. He was dressed in a similar black suit from yesterday that was tight and showed off his ass very nicely. I’m impressed, I grinned to myself as I walked over to them. “Ready?” I asked standing against the doorway. “You look stunning El.” Tracey said hugging me. “Thanks Trac.” I smiled pulling away. “I’ll have her home by midnight.” Max said taking my hand and walking us outside.

“Midnight? What is this? Cinderella?” I laughed as he opened the passenger door for me before making his way to the drivers side. “No.” he laughed and drove off. I sat in my seat watching his every move. I admit he is very attractive and he makes me feel calm. “Stop staring princess.” he laughed changing gears making me blush. “I wasn’t staring.” I scoffed rolling my eyes, “I was observing.” “And that’s why you have some drool on the side of the mouth?” he pointed making me blush even harder. I wiped my mouth only to realise he was lying. “You ass.” I laughed smacking his chest.


“Good evening Mr Bartlett. Table for two?” a middle age man asked Max as we walked into the restaurant. “Thank you John.” Max said nodding, following the man to a two seated table. “May I get you anything to drink in the mean time sir?” he asked as Max and I sat down. “A bottle of champagne for the lady and I.” Max said never taking his eyes off me.

“You look beautiful Eleanor.” Max said to me making me blush. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” I smiled at him. “Tell me about yourself.” he said as John poured us our champagne. “Well theres not much really. I turn 21 next month. My father died when I was little. I’m an only child. I love photography. I used to live in London with my mom and now I’m here.” I shrugged. “Boyfriends? Friends?” he asked taking a sip of his champagne. “No boyfriend since I was 18. One friend, who I consider my sister, Tayla.” I said taking a sip of the expensive champagne, “Now you tell me about yourself.” 

“There’s not much. I lived in Miami till I was 18 then I came here. My uncle immediately hired me and I made my way up the ladder to be CEO. I turned 24 three weeks ago. My parents were together but there were way to many affairs. I have a little sister Filipa who is 8 and an older brother who I would not like to talk about.” he sighed and I knew not to ask about his brother.


“Thank you for dinner Max. I had a great time.” I said as he walked me up to my front door. “I enjoy dinner with a beautiful lady like you.” he smiled at me as we stopped at the front door. “Goodnight Max.” I whispered kissing his cheek and making my way inside.







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