(I love the story Crank and so I've written this in a similar style but about a different struggle with adrenaline.)

William ran away from his home to start a new life but with becoming someone else he meets Red , a girl who brings him under into a new world.


12. A New Heaven

We stood on the top,

On top of a slippery rock,

A rock above the local ocean,

A rock on top of the world,

A new heaven,

A new drug. 

She stripped off her clothes,

Soft fresh clothes.

In a blink of an eye she jumped in. 

Is this courage? 

Or insanity?

Is it adrenaline?

Or heat?

A heat for her?

I then stripped myself down,

This stripped my identity,

My self assurances,

My own sanity.

One jump,

One jump into the air,

Cold Air,

A cold rush,

A rush followed by wet salty 


A new self born,

This is a new heaven.

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