<<c.h.>> Hopefulness

Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,average Aussie,for awhile anyway. Going through high school with each other,they realize their time is running out. Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,her best friend,her crush,her everything,but most importantly,her savior.
I present to you..... <<c.h.>> Hopefulness
(Cover made by: Beautifully Music Nerd)
*Some Chapters include Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts and Actions*


17. -17- Hide Away


I walk into the school and wave at the guys before heading over to my locker.

I spin the dial and put in the combination. I open my locker and grab my books. I close my locker and turn off my phone before heading over to the guys.

"Hey." Michael says.

I sit down next to Calum.

"You know," Calum begins. "I have a feeling today is gonna be a great day for you." Calum finishes.

"That's impossible for you to tell." I reply.

"Again,feeling." Calum tells me.

"Feelings can be wrong." I state.

"I guess you'll just have to see." Ashton says. 

"Yeah." Luke adds.


The bell rings and I leave the classroom and head to my locker. I open it and begin to grab my books for the next class when I hear people's voices. I turn around and face them as the stop in front of me.

"Hey?" I say,confused. 

"She's so stupid."

"Yeah,and ugly."


"You're such a bitch,Kayla."

"I doubt Calum means what he tells you."

"You're better off dead."

"The bitch is gonna cry,isn't she?"

"What's wrong,you realized you're an ugly ass bitch?" 

I don't know what to do.

"Look at her stupid face!"

"I don't wanna catch the ugly!"

I close my locker and run off to the bathroom.

I hear Calum's voice down the hall as I run down,tears flooding out of my eyes.





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