The Witch of the Half-Bloods and Hunters

Severus Snape's daughter, adopted by Dean Winchester, Cas, Hera, and Poseidon, is the favorite sibling of Percy and is best friends with Nico. A lot going on in her life, right?


1. Tiffany Anne Mary Andromeda Winchester Jackson Snape

Yeah, I know. Long name. Not really my fault. The name I was given when I was born, to Lily Marie and Severus Tobias Snape, was just Tiffany Anne Snape. But then, that Halloween night when I was one, Mama and I were visiting her good friend James Potter when Voldemort attacked was said to have attacked. You know what happened next, right? He killed James, then Mama, and finally tried to kill me. Tried. None of us really know what happened, but what is believed to have happened is that Lord Voldemort AK'd me and it backfired on him, leaving me without a scratch. Magically exhausted, yes, but unharmed. Daddy had apparated to the house to pick Mama and I up when the guest upstairs bedroom exploded with the force of the AK hitting Voldemort. He ran up the stairs and after scooping me up to quiet my cries, he finally noticed Mama lying dead on the floor.

After grieving for his lost wife, he left with me and we moved to America, yet he retained his job as the Potions Master and Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We lived in a large house, alone on a good sized island off the shore about 30 miles from Montauk, NY, for about three years until two brothers and an angel landed on the island after hearing rumors of a ghost inhabiting the island. Daddy managed to convince the brothers that not all magic users are evil and Sam and Dean Winchester and Castiel used our island as the second base of operations from then on. During the school year, when Daddy was at Hogwarts, the brothers and their adopted father, Bobby Singer, would look after me for Daddy and Dean loved me like the daughter he had always secretly wanted. By Christmas of that year, he had adopted me with Daddy’s permission and my name was changed to Tiffany Anne Mary Winchester Snape, while at the same time gaining a Dad.

The year I turned five, a man in a Hawaiian style shirt walked up the beach and asked Daddy to speak with him. Turns out, Mama was the granddaughter of the ancient greek god, Poseidon. He then told Daddy that since he had blessed and adopted me when I was a baby, and because his sister Hera had adopted me so she would be able to have her own demi-godly child, I would have to go to Camp Half-Blood sooner rather than later. At about the same time I arrived at Camp, my eleven-year-old half-brother Percy Jackson arrived as well. That summer went smoothly, except for the fact that Percy had to travel to the underworld on a quest and met the man (god?) that we decided is our favorite of our two uncles. My years passed in a similar manner, spending my nights and weekends with Daddy, most of my days with my half brother (who had unofficially adopted me as his little sister and renamed me for a third time as Tiffany Anne Mary Andromeda Winchester Jackson Snape), and one week a month was dedicated to hunting with my Dad, his brother, my Uncle Sam, and Dad’s boyfriend Castiel (they finally admitted their love for each other).

I quickly became the second best swordsman at camp, just behind Percy, at camp and I was the only one who could give him a challenge. By the time my eleventh birthday rolled around and I received my Hogwarts letter and Percy was prepping for the war with the Titans, I had become really close friends with my elder cousin by two years, Nico Di Angelo. It was also decided that Nico would be following me to Hogwarts if only to have a sparring partner. Shortly after the war, and Percy, Nico, and I having some really close scrapes, almost dying several times and me falling into a one week coma, the three of us developed a separation issue and it was decided that every Friday night, Percy would make his way to Hogwarts and the three of us would spend all of our time together until Monday morning, when Percy would return to New York.

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