Games of fear and love

The second story about Amber, Tom and Ben.. First story is called naugthy games.. This one Will have faul language and hard sex, domination and a bit of fetish.

Ambrosia Grace (Amber) is engaged to Tom Hiddleston and Best friends with Benedict Cumberbatch, They have just finished shooting the next season of Sherlock and now it is time to be happy and plan the wedding.
Tom seemed to have beaten his deamons and his career is back on track, but what happens When Amber get a treatening letter ?
Has Tom done something he shouldn't to make another women Think she has a claim on him ? Is there even a stalker ? Or is it all in Ambers own head ?
And how will Ben handle Missy his new mistress ? Is it a healthy relationship for him ? And is Missy hiding something ?


3. "Well thank you pet, you clean up very nicely for a pet"

 *Amber POV*
 "You look absolutely stunning love". Tom comes into the bedroom and looks at her, his eyes telling that he would love to rip of her dress, making her feel all hot and bothered.
 She smiles at him, he looks wonderful in his suit as always, he has put back on the weight he lost, he has stubbles and his hair is a bit to the long side, just starting to curl. "Thank you and you look so very handsome".
 "We better get going before I decide to stay here and have my way with you instead". He say sending her a naughty smirk.
 She shakes her head, but can't help smiling at him. "You are so bad Thomas, so very bad".
 "Yes I am darling, but you know I do it so well". He grabs her and pulls her into a heated kiss, making her want to stay at home.
 When they get in his car, he turns towars her. "Oh by the way, Ben is bringing a date".
 "A date ? I didn't knew he was seeing someone, that is so great for him". She smiles happily, it would be so good for Ben to find someone special.
 Tom looks a lot less happy. "Frankly I am a little concerned, he only met her yesterday, and he told me to keep an open mind".
 "That sounds a bit weird and so not like Ben, but we don't know what he meant by open mind". But she can't help but be a bit worried.

 *Ben POV*
 He is watching himself in the mirror, will people be able to see it through his clothes, but what can he do ? She insisted well actually she demanded that he wears it at all times when she is not using his cock.
 It is a cock cage, a chastity devise for men, it is like a cage of metal rings around his cock, locked up with a small padlock, making it impossible for him to have sex or pleasure himself, even to get a full erection, he belongs to her.
 He sighes and put on his tux, hoping that the dahm thing wont jingle when he walks.
 "Get your lazy ass down here pet, we don't want to be late for the party". He can hear her call him from downstairs, and he hurries to her, not wanting to displease her.
 She stands in the hallway looking absolutely sexy in a tight black dress, and also looking very impatient and he says. "Mistress is looking absolutely beautiful".
 "Well thank you pet, you clean up very nicely for a pet". She lets her eyes run over him approvingly.
 He bites hit lip. "Thank you mistress, at the party, what should I call you there ? In front of other people ?"
 "You will still call me mistress or Ma'am, no matter what, you can introduce me as Missy, but you will not address me ike that". She says, her green eyes burning.
 "But I can't..People would.. I mean". The hard slap to his cheek stops him, she might be small, but she knows exactly how to make it hurt and he feels a tear run from his eye.
 Her voice is cold. "You will show me the proper respect even in public, is that understood ? And you will keep two steps behind me at all times".
 "Yes mistress I understand, sorry mistress". He keeps his eyes down, he just have to bite it down, hoping people wont notice.

 *Tom POV*
 As soon as he spots Benedict with his date, he knows that something is wrong, she is quite beautiful and sexy, no doubt, but she has an air about her that he don't like.
 And he don't like the way Ben is trailing behind her like a lost puppy, keeping his eyes down, he might be dominant and he might be rough with Amber in the bedroom, but he would never in his live degrade her like that in public.
 "Hi Ben, and this must be you beautiful date ?" Tom grabs Ambers hand and walks over to Benedict.
 Benedict nods but only glances up shortly. "Hi Tom, hi Amber, yes this is my beautiful date Missy".
 "Hallo Missy, nice to meet you". Tom says, taking her hand and kissing it there is something about her, he is quite sure he has seen her before, but he can't remember were.
 She shakes Ambers hand. "Well nice to meet you Tom and Amber, my little pet here talks so highly about you".
 Tom smiles a little stifly, did she seriously just refer to him as pet in public and in front of his friends.
 As Ben and Missy leaves to say hallo to Martin and his wife, Tom looks at Amber. "I am not sure that is a healthy relationship".
 "I don't know Tom, you know Ben always liked being dominated, maybe he just stepped it up to a new level". But she doesn't look convinced.

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