Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


20. "So you are the english devil who has defiled my daughter"

*Tom POV*
 "Are you okay Ben ?" He looks at Benedict sitting in the bed, his arm in a sling to protect his shoulder.
 Luckily the bullet went through without hitting anything, and it was easily fixed, but he needs to keep it still for some time, Tom had a bend rib where the bullet had hit the vest and a big black bruise.
 Benedict sighed. "I am okay Tom, but I wished you wouldn't go or at least let me come".
 "No you are staying here, and I am going Ben, as I said, I need to be with her, I will try to talk to her father, maybe he can be reasoned with". Tom says grabbing his wallet and phone.
 Benedict shakes his head. "You really are stubborn or stupid, maybe both Tom, please be careful".
 "I will Ben, I'll call you in two hours, if I don't call, well then you better notify Luke". He shrugs and leave.
 He walks down to the rental car, brething in deeply, he had realised that stealing her away isn't the right way to go, they would have to hide forever and that would be nearly impossible for him.
 No he needed to go talk to her father, man to man, making him understand that Tom was serious about his daughter.

*Aria POV*
 She was sitting in her room, she was happy Tommy was gone, she wouldn't have to marry him and she was happy she had seen Tom again, had a chance to say goodbye.
 And now she had something, something she just realised, that would make it almost impossible for her father to marry her of.
 But she wished she could be with Tom, especially now, and after he had come for her she knew he loved her for real, he was ready to risk his life for her.

 *Tom POV*
 He parked outside the gate and walked up to the intercom, pressing the button, waiting for the voice. "Yes who is it".
 "Tom Hiddleston to see Mr. Camino regarding his daughter". He said, trying not to sound nervous.
 "Come in". The gate opens with a buzzing sound, and Tom walks in, knowing that he might very well be walking to his own execution.
 He walks up the the front door, and the door is openede, Tom smiles. "Well hallo again Tony".
 "You got to be the most stubborn man I have ever met and one of the most fearless, but I am still debating if it is stupidity". Tony shakes his head.
 Tom shrugs. "Might just be stupidity, but as I said, she is the love of my life, without her my life doesn't matter".
 "Well good luck, she deserves a man who truly loves her and who can care for her, and I think you fit that". Tony says with a smile.
 "Thank you Tony". Tom says, before following the big man i to the living-room.
 Tony leaves, her father is standing in the middle of the room, two men are flanking the doors, he has no way out. "Mr. Camino I presume, thanks for talking to me".
 "So you are the english devil who has defiled my daughter". Her father is staring at him, Tom can easily see this is a dangerous man, a very dangerous man.
 He keeps his voice calm and steady, it would be a mistake to show this man fear. "I wouldn't put it that way, but yes I am the one who loves your daughter".
 "You are either a very stupid or very brave man to come here alone and unarmed, don't you know who I am ?" Her father looks at him with a cold stare.
 Tom nods and holds his gaze. "So I have been told, and yes I know who you are, but I don't wish to live without Aria".
 "That is easily arranged". Her father claps his hands and Tom feels his legs getting kicked from under him by a hard blow to the back of his knees, sending him to his knees, something hard and cold pressed to the  back of his head.
 He knows it is a gun, he closes his eyes, so this is it, at least it will be fast and pain free.
 "You shouldn't have come back when you just got away yesterday, yes I know you were here yesterday, and it was stupid, very stupid to come back. Kill him". Tom waited for the inevitable.

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