Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


14. "I am not even sure he is a man, he might be the devil"

*Sabina POV*
 She is watching him fuck Aria from the shadows, she is burning up with jealousy, why is that stuck up holy virgin, well okay not a virgin anymore, but why does she get to fuck Tom Hiddleston ?
 Aria is the one who choose to be here, she is all nun like and innocent, why has he choosen her ? She is burning with hate towards the older girl, she can taste the bile in her mouth.
 Sabina doesn't feel that Aria deserves him, he is way to hot and sexy to be with such a boring girl, he should have someone fun, experienced and sexy, someone like her.
 She turns around and walks away, contemplating how to get revenge on the other girl, to get her away from Tom.

*Tom POV*
 "I have to go darling, there will probably be a lot of press to handle when the break up goes public". He is holding her close to him, gently stroking her back.
 She looks up at him. "I understand Tom, as long as you are mine, everything will be fine, are you truly mine ?"
 "I am, truly with all I am, I don't know what you done to me, but I don't want any other woman". And he knows it is the truth, he can actually se himself settleling down with her.
 She cups his cheek with her small hand and he leans into her touch. "And I am yours, now and always".
 His heart flutters at her words, and he knows that he is smiling an idiot, but he doesn't care, she is everything that matters, and he need to figure out how the get her out from the convent.
 "I am filming tomorrow, but we should be done early, can you meet me at 4 pm ? I promise to be there". He looks at her.
 She smiles at him, her voice sounds happy. "Of course, I can't wait to se you again my love".
 "See you tomorrow my angel, please don't fly away in the meantime". He says with a little grin, kissing her softly.
 Then he climbs back over the high wall, and she waves at him just before he jumps down on the outside.
 He hurries back to the hotel, hoping Luke has done as he was told, Tom don't really wanna fire him, but he will have to if he haven't gotten rid of Lucy.

 *Aria POV*
 She is smiling way to much for a nun, but it doesn't matter, she is never going to be a nun, she can't, she needs to be with Tom.
 When she thought he didn't care about her it had hurt so much, the thought of being without him hurt, she didn't want to live her life like that.
 And she trusted him, trusted that that woman didn't mean anything to him and that he wanted to be with her, that he was truly hers.
 She walked inside, almost skipping to her cell, but outside her door Sabina was waiting, looking grim.
 "Hi Sabina is something wrong ? You look upset". Aria stopped, looking at the younger girl.
 Sabina smiled, but it was a malicious smile. "Oh I am not, but you ought to be, the mother superior wants to see you right now".
 "Okay". She swallowed, why did she want to see her ? She walked down towards the mother superiors office, Sabina following her.
 She knocked on the oak door, and heard a come in, so she opened the door, Sabina followed her inside, Aria looked at the old nun. "You wanted to see me mother superior ?"
 "I am afraid I have heard some quite disturbing rumours my dear, that you are having relations with a man". The mother superior is looking at her, clearly wanting an answer.
 Sabina steps forward. "I am not even sure he is a man, he might be the devil, I saw them doing unspeakable depraved things".
 So it was Sabina who had told on her, she thought, not understanding why someone would be that cruel.
 "What do you mean ?" The mother superior is looking at Sabina, like she doesn't really belive her.
 Sabina looks scared and Aria almost has a fit of giggles when the younger girl crosses her chest. "Oh I couldn't speak of such things, but make her remove her dress and you will see".
 "I am afraid, I have to ask you to remove your dress". The mother superior is looking sadly at her.
 Aria bites her lip, this is bad, her body are still covered in Toms marks, but she has no choise, and she pulls of her dress, the mother superior gasps and makes a cross over her heart.
 Aria looks down, what will happen now ? "I don't think we need any further evidence Aria, I am so very disappointed in you".
 The old nun picks up the phone, Aria is to stunned, to caught up in her own thoughts to hear what she is saying.
 Then she puts down the phone and clear her throat. "Aria, you can't stay here after this, your father is coming for you".
 Aria wants to scream, not her father, just throw me out on the street, but she know it would be to no avail and she just nods, feeling tears running down her face, she will probably never see Tom again.

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