My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


20. Twenty

Ella Pov

            Damien asked Omar and I if we could help him move into the apartment. We said we could but Omar got called in to work. So Damien and I just moved the smaller things in like his kitchen appliances and his clothes. We let him have my bedroom set and the sofa that was in there. I drove over there and the door was opened so I just walked in. "What's up with all the plastic covers on the ground?" "I decided that I would paint the walls. Omar said it was okay but I had to keep it neutral." "Oh well luckily I wore something that I don't care about getting paint on." "Did you not get me text?" "No...My phone died on the way over here." "Well then that explains why you never texted me back. Here's the paint and the rollers, I'm doing the living room first. You can close the front door I have the window's opened." I nodded and closed the door. I put my phone on the charger and then started to paint. Damien put on music and we just painted the walls while talking here and there. Since Damien and I talked at the party and since he was moving into my old apartment we became more closer, almost to when we were best friends.
           After we finished the living room we went into the guess room and started to paint in there. "So after we finished this room we'll take a break and eat some lunch. I made pizza last night so I have left overs and I have salad that I can make with that." "Sounds good to me." I smiled and so did he. God I missed his smile. He seemed like himself again. which made me miss being with him and just overall being his friend. Once we finished with the room we sat down on the floor so we didn't get paint on the table or the sofa. He kept the music playing as we ate. "So did your dad ever meet up with you?" I asked while chugging some cold water down. "We did actually. My sister and I decided that once a month she'll spend the night over here, and when he drop's her off we'll all do dinner or whatever together. Slowly but surely I'll have my family back." "That's awesome Dan." "I know, it make's me happy. My dad talks to me everyday but, my sister doesn't which is understandable cause she's a teenage girl that has high school drama to deal with." He chuckled. "Well I think we both know how that was." "Indeed we do." He smiled and bit into his pizza. 

        Once we finished with his bedroom we started to put away the kitchen appliances. As I was putting the dishes in the cabinets Damien started to do some laundry and clean up the place. By the time we were done it was night time. Omar texted me to let me know he was going to be working late. "Hey, do you want to go over our place so I can shower and stuff and we can go out and get dinner?" Damien looked at me. "Yea sure, I have to shower too. So should I shower here?" "You can use our shower." "Okay."
        Damien followed me over to Omar's house. I told Omar that me and him were going to get ready and go for dinner. And he was okay with it. We got inside the house and I grabbed Damien a towel. "Here you go. You can shower in the shower down here cause Omar has his stuff in there, I'll shower in the master bathroom." "Okay." He smiled and took the towel out of my hands and went into the bathroom. I went upstairs and went into the bathroom. I undressed and got into the shower. Once I finished I wrapped the towel around me and walked into the room. I opened up the closet and saw nothing in there that I wanted to wear so I looked through my dressers. I heard the bedroom door open and turned around to see Damien there. "What's up?" I asked throwing the clothes on the bed. He came closer to me and he kissed me. "uuuuuuuh....Damien." "Sorry...I just..." I kissed him again. We started to make out and he eventually laid me on the bed and yea I don't think I need to go into detail but we had sex on the same bed where me and Omar have sex.

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