My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


23. Twenty Three

Ella's Pov

            I went over to Damien's around twelve. We had lunch and then just hung out. Him and this girl he was talking to hung out for the first time yesterday so he was telling me all about. "Have you told her about you?" "Yes I did, we got ice cream and when we were sitting on the bench I told her I was born a girl. She was perfectly fine with it." "That's great, do you like her?" "Um, a little I'm still kind of you know dealing with Kat's shit." "What's up with her?" "Well I told her she needed to pay me at least half of that car I bought her and she's acting like she doesn't need to do shit, so I'm probably going to take her ass to court." "I mean you gotta do what you gotta do." 

            As we were playing Mario Cart my phone began to ring. He paused the game as I answered my phone. "Hey..." I said. " Hey, could you come over? I need to talk to you." "Um, hold on." I put Omar on mute. "Would you mind if I went over to Omar's?" "No, go ahead, Tanner is suppose to come over anyways." "Okay..." I went back on the phone and told Omar I would be there soon. 

            I knocked on his door and he opened it immediately. "Hey come on in.." He smiled. I walked in and his house spelt like his cologne which was my favorite. "So what did you want to talk about?" "Well I've been thinking and I was just wondering if you want to date again?" I looked at him and looked away. "Well?" He said in desperation of knowing what my answer would be. "I would love to date you again. Why are you even giving me a second chance?" "Because Gisella I still love and I know something like what happened won't happen again. I just want to forget about all of this. Just if you and Damien hang out I have to be there." "That fair." I smiled and so did he. He then asked if I wanted to stay for dinner and I did.

Damien's Pov

           Twenty minutes after Gisella left I heard a knock from my door. I answered it and it was a tall mixed guy holding one of those edible arrangements, which were my favorite things to get and eat. "Hello." I said looking at his dark brown eyes. "Are you Damien?" "Yes..." "Well you have a delivery from your friend...." He looked at the little letter. "Gisella." "Oh, I'm surprised she didn't tell she got me one of these." He chuckled and then said; "I guess it was a surprise." I smiled and took it from the man. I closed my door and sat the arrangement on the table. I read the letter and it said; Congrats on the promotion love, Gisella <3. I smiled and ate some of the fruit. I put the rest in the fridge so the chocolate didn't melt. I sat on my sofa just watching a show of mine while I waited for Tanner to come. I was going to text Gisella and thank her but my phone was pretty much dead so I was going to wait.  As I was watching my show my vision started to blur and I started to get out out breath and sweat like crazy. I tried to get up and go get my phone to call the emergency room, because I felt really weak. Before I could reach my room everything just went black.

Tanner's Pov

           Damien wasn't answering his door so I just walked in. Luckily the door was already unlocked. "Damien?" I looked over and saw him laying on the floor. He had foam coming out of his mouth and his eyes were practically bulging out of his eye sockets. I checked his pulse and there was nothing. I called 911 and then texted Gisella. 
Me: You need to get to Dan's place NOW!!!!!
Ella: Wtf is goin on?!
Me: He's fuckin dead!

              The police and ambulance came and they declared him dead. I watched the paramedics zip him up im a black body bag. "What could have happen?" I asked. "Well, from what I've seen before it could be an allergy thing or he ate something poisonous." One of the paramedics replied. I saw one of the police pick up a piece of paper. "Congrats on the promotion love, Gisella with a heart. It's from the edible arrangement company." He looked at me. "I'm going to need to take this for evidence and the arrangement." He said walking to the fridge and grabbing the arrangement out. "Do you know her?" "Umm...."

Ella's Pov

           I saw caution tape and paramedics taking out a black body bag. "You can't come in here..." One of the police said. "That was my best friend... What the Hell is going on! Tanner!" Tanner and a cop came out of the apartment. "Who are you?" The cop asked. "I'm Gisella, I'm friends with Damien." He looked at this small piece of paper and looked at me and frowned. "I'm sorry but you are under arrest." 

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