My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


21. Twenty One

   Damien Pov
           Gisella and I laid there on the bed naked. We both looked at each other and just smiled. "Sorry about that, I don't know what got over me." I said sitting up and putting my pants back on. "Well I don't know what got over me either. Can you hand me my clothes." I bent down and picked up her clothes and handed them to her. "I miss you and I still love you a lot Gisella." "I miss you too....I still love you but I love Omar." "I know....Just know that if you two ever break up I'm taking you back if you let me." I smirked while sliding my shirt back on. She chuckled. "I would let you, but let's not talk about what happened just now...." "Agreed. It's our secret." "For sure." She said clipping her bra on. "One thing though, you're still sexy ass fuck in bed." She blushed after I said that. "Thank you. I mean so are you." She smiled and started to fix the sheets on the bed. I helped her straighten up the bed. She brushed out her hair and then we left for dinner.

           Omar met us at the restaurant cause he had just got off when we just got there. Gisella thankfully didn't act awkward and neither did I. "I'm surprised you two got here as I was getting off." "Yea we had one more box to go through when I texted you about dinner." Gisella lied. "Oh, well then that explains it." I felt bad to have sex with her when knowing that she's dating Omar. After eating dinner Gisella went with Omar to go back home and I went back to my new place.

Ella's Pov
         I woke up late at night from nothing. Omar was holding me and I just turned to look at him. I felt guilty now. Omar is such a sweet guy and knowing that I had sex with Damien on this bed makes me feel sick. I'm not a cheater but with Damien and how I was feeling it just kind of happened. I got up from the bed. "You okay?" He said. "Yea, just thirsty." He nodded and fell back to sleep. I grabbed my phone and went down to the living room. Me: Hey are you up?
Damien: Yea, why?
Me: I just feel guilty...
Damien: Well I do too...Just I would say don't think about it, but that won't help...
I went to me and Tanner's texts.
Me: Hey, you up???
Tanner: I am, why what's up?
Me: I feel guilty and sick to my stomach
Tanner: Why what's going on?
Me: Damien and I had sex
Tanner: WHAT!!!!!?
Tanner: How tf did this happen? and why??? Does Omar know????
Tanner: I need answers!
Me: Well he came in the room while I was in my towel and we had sex where me and Omar do it....I don't know why it just kind of happen. No Omar doesn't....
Tanner: Girl...Just take a deep breath.... I would delete these texts so he doesn't see them. But just don't feel that way. It was a one time thing and it better not happen again....
Me: I will and it won't.... I just don't know what to do if Omar does find out...
Tanner: Well not to be mean but he'll break up with you and probably kill Damien
Me: Well I don't know about the killing Damien part...
Tanner: Lol Yea....Just delete these text's and we'll meet up sometime tomorrow
Me: Okay thanks...
I deleted the texts and went back to bed.

Two weeks later - Ella's pov

            I came home from work to find Omar cooking dinner. "Hey babe." He said as he was putting plates with food on them on the table. "What's with the nice dinner?" I asked confused. "Just cause... Go get something comfy on and come eat." I nodded and went into our room to change. I walked back to the table and sat down. We started to eat and talk about our days. After dinner we watched a movie. Omar and I cuddled on the sofa. "You smell good." I said throwing a blanket over us. "Thank you." As we were watching the movie I felt Omar's hand trail down my sweat pants. He started to kiss my neck. "Omar..." "Yes?" "Let's...go in the room." "Here is fine..." He laid me down and pulled off my shirt. Of course my bra was already off. He pulled off my sweats and then started to kiss me all over. As he started to finger me I started thinking about Damien and then I felt tears fill up my eyes. "Omar stop..." I said sitting up. "What's wrong...?" I pulled the blanket over me and just started crying. "Gisella, what is wrong?" "Damien and I had sex two weeks ago in that bed." I said pointing up to our room. I didn't dare look into his eyes. "I know you did....I did all this just to see if you would actually break down and tell me." "How did you know?" "Damien told me..." I looked at him. "He told me because he knew were upset, and yea....I'm not mad....I'm just disappointed." He handed me my shirt and left the house.    

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