The Kennedy Effect

Emerson and Sterling Kennedy are known as "the power twins". They're part of an elite family and tend to get everything handed to them. The attention they get has been branded "The Kennedy Effect". Sterling loves it, but Emerson just wishes she could earn something because she worked for it, not because of her family.


3. Chapter 3

Emerson woke up the next morning to the shower running. Her head was pounding and she reached to the table next to her bed to take an Aspirin.. She reached for her phone and groaned when she saw the time 9:35. She had an less than two hours until her class started but all she could think of was how badly she wanted a breakfast burrito from her favorite diner back home. It was her ultimate hangover cure, but unfortunately there was no way she could get one considering she was hundreds of miles away. The shower turned off and Sterling emerged a few minutes later in her fluffy robe with her hair wrapped in a towel. Emerson groaned again and pulled her pillow over her head.

“Good morning sunshine!” Sterling didn’t get hangovers. After a night of drinking and partying, she wakes up and functions like a normal human being. Worst of all, she was extra perky and cheery for some reason.

“Ugh, shut up. Unless you somehow magically manage to get me one of Rita’s greasy breakfast burritos, don’t bother talking to me.” Emerson threw her blankets over her head and continued groaning and whining. Sterling came up and ripped the blankets off of her sister, much to Emerson’s dissatisfaction.

“I knew this would happen, which is why I called in a little favor with Rita before we moved here. C’mon, get up.” Emerson groaned and got out of bed, rubbing her head. Sterling pulled out a freezer from under her bed and opened it to reveal it was full of Emerson’s hangover breakfast burritos. “Should be enough to last you until we go back home.”

“Sterling, you. Are. The. Best” Emerson hugged her sister before lunging for the breakfast burritos. She grabbed one and gave it a kiss before putting it in the microwave. After the first bite, Emerson immediately felt better and began getting ready for her day. In the middle of perfecting her makeup, Emerson’s phone let out a ding! causing her to jump and nearly mess up. She put her brush down and read the message that flashed across her screen.




The number wasn’t saved in her phone, but after reading the message, she got a pretty good idea of who it was. She smiled as she typed out her response




    Her phone let out another ding! merely 3 seconds later. Emerson picked it up and smiled. She continued texting the guy she met the night before while she finished getting ready. Soon enough, it was time to leave. She slung her black nylon Kate Spade backpack over her shoulder and walked out of her room. Her first class of the day was an advanced writing and composition class. When she walked into the room, she immediately recognized a few of the Kappa girls, who invited her to sit next to them. She took a seat and glanced around the room, noticing that almost every girl was wearing a shirt with greek letters printed.

    “Wow, so Greek Life is, like, a major thing here?”

    “Pretty much,” Kelsey, a sophomore Kappa, tied her hair into a ponytail, “this school has the highest participation in Greek Life. The people who aren’t in Greek Life are the people who don’t get bids. Almost every girl comes out for recruitment at least once, whether it’s in the fall or spring.”

    Andrea, another sophomore, turned to face the conversation. “There’s even talk of adding more sororities and frats since it’s so popular and we have to be very selective.” Emerson took in all the information. She knew she had a spot in Kappa thanks to her mom and Chandler, but it still made her nervous thinking about all the girls she had to compete with. Andie and Kelsey noticed Emerson’s nervousness and immediately tried to comfort her. “Oh, my God, Em don’t worry at all!”

    “Seriously, you’re completely safe! Any sorority would be lucky to have you, but you know Kappa is always gonna have your back!” Emerson smiled and thanked the girls. Just then, she heard a voice coming from behind her.

    “This seat taken?” She turned to see the face that belonged to the voice and her heart immediately began beating even faster. Andie and Kelsey smirked and raised their eyebrows. Emerson took a second to compose herself before answering.

    “Only if it’s by you.” She cocked her head to the side and smiled only a tiny bit. Zac smiled and sat his books down at the desk next to Emerson. Throughout the rest of the class, Zac and Emerson exchanged glances while the professor went over the syllabus. After what seemed like an eternity, they were free.

    “So what’s a freshman doing in an advanced writing class?”

    “Well, in high school I did this thing called ‘AP classes’ where I could take a class during the year, and then take an exam for college credits.”

    “Woah, I don’t appreciate the sarcasm!” Emerson only laughed in response and nudged Zac.

    “Well turns out my AP Lit and AP Lang classes took care of the freshman writing classes, so here I am taking the other writing gen ed!” The two walked in silence until someone jumped on Emerson’s back, causing both Em and Zac to jump back. “Woah!”

    “How’s my darling twin sister, you gonna introduce me?”

    “Zac, this is Sterling Kennedy, my twin. Sterling, this is Zac. We met last night, he’s Aidan’s brother in SigKap.”

    “Pleased to meet you, Zac,” Sterling shook Zac’s hand and Emerson groaned. “Aidan and Becca are getting lunch in the Union and I’m on my way to meet them there if either of you are interested. I think Becca said some of the other Kappas were gonna be there, too.” Sterling bounced away, leaving Zac and Emerson alone once again.

    “She always like that?”

    “Believe it or not, only the morning after she drinks. She doesn’t get hangovers, she gets...that.” Em rolled her eyes and groaned. The two walked out of the building, “So, I guess I should catch up with her and the others. You coming?”

    “Actually, I have a meeting to get to, but we should grab coffee later or something.”

    “Yeah, just text me.” Zac nodded and went in the opposite direction, leaving Emerson to walk to the student union alone. When she got there, Becca, Sterling, and Aidan were already sitting at a table with a few other Kappas she recognized from last night. When she sat down, everyone greeted her with a round of “there she is!”

    “So, Em, I was just telling Sterling that I know you guys are going out with the SGD girls tonight, but if you get bored we’re gonna be with SigKap again.” Aidan rolled his eyes again. He hated that Becca was constantly inviting them to his fraternity’s parties, but the idea of pissing off their brother made the twins even more intrigued to go to the parties. Emerson nodded her head and picked at her salad. A wave of exhaustion rushed over her and all she wanted was to curl up in her room and fall asleep for the rest of the day. After ten minutes of being spaced out, Emerson excused herself. Luckily enough she only had one class, which meant she was free to nap for as long as she wanted, and she planned on taking full advantage of that.

    As soon as she arrived in her room, she slung her backpack off and set it on her desk chair. She pulled her jeans off and put on sweatpants. Once she was in comfy clothes, she pulled back her blanket and snuggled up in her bed, falling asleep right away.

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