This story revolves around Alexander, a mercenary who recently lost his brother and now only works with his best friend, Vincent.

They'll accept a contract that will change their lives forever, where they'll realize that humans aren't the only creatures created and definitely they aren't at the food chain's top. Gods, demons, mythological creatures and other beings smarter than an average human, will make them rethink about all those teachings that they had gotten once they arrive to Agartha, solidifying an innimaginable association between humans, agarthos and some superior being.

The goal of this adventure remains to be seen; nevertheless, it'll be more complicated and unattainable than they came to imagine, even more having Death following their footsteps.



In the beggining, the Nothingness covered over everything. Life was a simple fantasy dream, a vain desire. From that utupia, a spirit was born with endless powers, causing an explotion that oppressed the emptiness with His burning arms. He was the universe's soul.


However, being a young spirit and being surrounded by the resulting chaos, He felt suffocated by loneliness. That's why with His divine breath, He gave life to other souls, powerful beings who used their powers to support Him in his goal: build a future; all of them but divinity's soul, who started to be characterized by his indifference.


Later, Universe conceived other beings with his first descendants, giving life to two lineages divided by their creation's time.


Let's talk more about Divinity. More than a disinterested being he was someone neutral. He wasn't affected by what was happening around him so he just ignore the subject, avoding to give any opinion. Only their father could keep his attention and Divinity just cared about Him, he even tried to carry with His regret, apathy and other negative feeling that in time involved that nubile spirit. Yet, they trusted each other and they began to see them more as brothers than father and son soon.


When Darkness decided to rebel, being arrogant with his belief of being able to build a better future, Divinity suggeted to his dear brother that He should allow them to experience the responsibility that He had on His shoulders. They both went away to see the different galaxies that had been created, Universe momentarily turning His back to what He had fought so hard for.


Following them, all the beings belonging to His second line of lineage, went away from the galaxy ewhere they were but they took a different way. However, they disappeared for millennia. It's not known for sure what happened to them. Someones said they got trapped in a parallel universe but again, it's a hypothesis. Until this day, God hasn't crossed a word with them so nobody really knows what happened.


On the othehand, fearing to the unknown, the first lineage stayed in the same place and gave life to its own offpring. Years later, feeling overwhelmed by the frivolity that still possessed almost everything, they decided to created a beautiful world. Keeping that on mind, they conceived the love's, earth's and water's spirits. Though everything was more beautiful now, it lacked of life. The responsabilty to change that fell on the shoulders of the last ones.


Knowing that everyone shared the same goal, all of the first generation abandoned their physical form; they closed the door to the past trusting that their last descendants would create a beautiful world. Souls related to shadows joined to the darkness and those ones related to light descended into the new world and bathed it in brightness, eager to help in some way. On the other hand, Water gave away his corporeal form and bathed it with onceans, seas and lakes. Only Love and Fate, even feeling impressed by the confidence shown by their relatives, decided to keep their physical form but also they gave gifts to that creation.


Titans were conceived, intelligent and strong beings like no other. Nevertheless, fearing them, Firmament prayed to the darkness and ask to Night for help. He lock them up in a prision that Night created, called “Tartar”.


Earth was outraged but her love was so big that she conceived again: the earthquakes' and storms' souls.


Again, her offspring turned out to be unreliable, due to wisdom evaded them and yet they were too strong. Their father, without any remorse, decided to lock them up with their older brothers.


It's said that Earth wasn't able to face going through the same and she got determined to change her children's destiny. She descended to that prision and urged them to release and rebel. Fate felt that something was approaching and convinced Love to leave the new world for a while. They had remained neutral, unwilling to provoke enmities, and again they knew that they shouldn't got into thi eventuality that was arising. Those were events that needed to happen to bring an improvement.


Returning to the Tartar, only Cronos, one titan, accepted his mother's words after she gave him a name, cause there's no greater representation of power.


Firmament, who never thought his wife was going to take action against him, fell asleep with full confidence. Cronos found him soon and whithout thinking twice, castrated him. His blood and pain tinged the glow of the world, giving way to the afternoon that represented vengeance's spirit who was conceived at that moment.


In that moment, Nothingness got a open-door to that promising creation.


The first curse was said but Firmament never said a spiteful word against his wife, his mother; he just abandoned his physical form.


Earth, unable to bear the idea that he hated her, became one with the earth of that new world in all its forms, her pain creating what later would be called deserts. The drought of those places was an excellent example of the solitude and devastation that invaded her heart since then. Many beilieve that each oasis is the desire of her brother Water, to comfort her.


Cronos baptized and released the other Titans but discarded their second generation of brothers though they begged for mercy. That decision marked an inevitable course in the destiny. Both, Universe and Divinity, felt it and, following the desires of the first alluded, they began their journey back. They never imagined that what awaited them would be able to interpose between them and the strong bonds that they had forged throughout centuries: friendship's, trust's and love's bonds.

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