When They Came

The TV was flashing and the news came on. And there it was.


1. The Signs

It was the end of the day, after school and I was hanging out with my friends. My phone screen flashed on and i felt a buzz. It was my mom, it was strange what she sent me. COME HOME NOW! I was nervous, she never texted me unless it was an emergency. Something had to be wrong. I ran through the list of options through my head car crash, broken arm, got fired, someone broke in our apartment. I didn't know, but I had a feeling that it was gonna be bad. I ran as fast as I could to our tiny apartment. My mom was there sitting on the floor watching the news on our old TV. I shouted "Mom whats wrong!" She turned back startled not knowing I was there. "You have to see this" she said to me in an even voice. I went over and sat next to her and watched the news. There was something on the TV, it was and huge metal looking rod that went very far up. I heard the reporter on the news say that scientists hadn't figured out what it was yet, but it came from space and planted itself in the ground.

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