Pickyy poems

This is just some randoms poems from meh i just would like to share because i dunno. Well they're not that great. Mostly about heartbreaks and thoughts...
Please don't steal


2. Love is weird



Love does feel weird

Like your stomach wants to explode

Your head burns

Your heart is beating faster than anything

When you see his smile

A simple smile can make your knees go weak

And you’re already on your knees for him

Begging for his attention

His glance can make you stumble backward

And you’ve already fallen for him

When he talks to you

Then heat rise to your cheeks

You’ve already getting emotional for him

Now you’re in love

It does feel great in a short amount of time

Your dream about you and him will be together until the end

But then you use your brain

And figure out you are never gonna be together

Then your heart can’t bear any more

You break down, sulking, crying, screaming over him

And he doesn't give a fuck

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