Pickyy poems

This is just some randoms poems from meh i just would like to share because i dunno. Well they're not that great. Mostly about heartbreaks and thoughts...
Please don't steal


5. Can't you see?



You are like a magnet


Keeping me close to you


Attaching me to you


But at same time


When we cling together


You’re hurting me


Why can’t you see it?!


I’m smiling for you


I’m laughing for you


I’m spending my time on you


I’m there for you


But you really don’t give a damn


About me


I want to be free of you


But i love you too much


To let you go


Will i ever be able to stand up?


And stop loving you


I really don’t know


I know you don’t give a fuck about my love


One day i hope you will


Because you will always be in my heart


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