Life has no end


1. Chapter one

Hello you all know my story. But one you never got to know.I would love to tell you the story. As much as I love to cut up beautiful faces with smile. There was two lucky person in the world I would never hurt. one was person that was very special. But the other was someone I fell in love. Now we all know how I came to be as I wish to brag on but everyone knows about me. Jeff the killer how I came to be so enough about that lets tell my new story. It was cold december night. I was looking for a family to kill. I like to kill no love to kill. It's what I do for a living. I found a house a two stories house. I walk to the window. I use my knife to open it. As I did I already see a kid sleeping on the coughs. I walk over there and see that the kid was asleep. He was in his batman pajamas. I smiled wide as I see he was in deep sleep. I look at him very closely and I notice he was bruised.Net think I here was the song Pop goes the wheesle.

"Ok Lj come out I know you here." I said while rolling my eyes. 

"Oh good you where about to take my kill." Lj said while laughing hard.

"Well what about the bruises?" I ask with confuse look.

"Well his family not very lovable they treat him like hes a animal." Lj said with now a frown.

"Well I know how it feels." I said as my fingers curl up in to a fist. 

I look at Lj. He knows what I'm thinking. He nods as I sneek up to the parents bed room. I see they treat the other two kids like. There more important. I found the parent room and open the door quietly. I walk over to were the father was sleeping. I cover his mouth. I see his open his eyes.

"GO TO SLEEP!" I yelled and stab him three times in the heart and cut a smile.

The wife wake up and about to scream but I stop her in time. I stab her five times. After that I cut a smile. I write on the walls with there blood. Go To Sleep so that they know I did it as usually never do get caught. I went down stairs to see the child still asleep. I know Lj got to kill the other two siblings. I grab the boy he look around three yeas old. I tak him with me.

"You know slendy not gonna be happy that your bringing a human kid home." Lj said.

" May be I can train him to be like us creepypasta  plus how hard will this child be." I said with wider smile.

Lj just laugh so hard. I give him the look like I can prove it. As we where in the forest Lj hug me then teleport us to the mansion. But he only hugs me for the reason to teleport. He does that with the others as well. But never Jane no one like her. I walk to slendy office.

"Slendy I would Like to keep this child here and I will train it to be like us." I said.

"A child lo of responsibility o you better take care of him." Slendy said in a serious tone.  

I walk to my room I still notice this child a deep sleeper. I lay him down on my bed he sleep on one side I sleep on the other. I can't believe I'm father now. I think the kid will be happier with this family then his old one.

Will update later



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