The Day I Fell For You.

Ashton's Younger Sister, You End Up Having Feelings For Calum Without Him Or You Noticing. Towards The Middle/End Of The Story You And Calum End Up "Hooking" Up. :) Enjoy I Won't Be Able To Start It Right Now Because I Have School :/ But I Will Start It When I Get Home :D Hope You Enjoy.


1. Itroduction (About you)

You are Luke Hemmings younger sister Kinsley. Luke is a couple months older, at this point he started the band with Michael, Ashton and Calum. You went a an 8 month trip to New York, when you came back is when Luke started the band. You didn't know Mikey, Ashton or Calum at the time, you came back and it was time to go back to school, you and Luke had to go through hell to get the same classes. (Trying to keep this short lol) Then that's when you got to meet and become really close with Mikey, Ashton and Calum. :D 

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